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Do not buy logo or badges from the seller who do not show their portfolio

hey guys!

i want inform the buyers who buy logo on fiverr from the seller (level2 or level 1) who hide their portfolio or delivery file after delivering in msg or or in rar file, these seller do this in order to hide their similar work for different different sellers. these seller use free templates available on internet and use photoshop to text it.

these seller use google image to search logo for related or simliar to your company and use photoshop to use their clips,vectors,etc and change text also.

for example: fragglesrock

this buyer made about 96 complete sales and have only 3 images in portfolio

these type of sellers use logo making software which provide already made cliparts,images,etc.

Well i can only inform to protect your brand, at the end its your choice

Sheriff’s Note: It is not cool (or allowed) to call out others on the Forum.

@box3dcover Calling out other users on Fiverr is not allowed, as examples or otherwise.

Reply to @eddiethornton: OKAY :slight_smile:

I got a logo request that was worded with over 700 words, a 2 page requirements list. If you can thing about it, you name it it was in the paper. And he was looking to buy all that a corperate logo for a hole 5$. So you know what, if there are buyers looking for 5$ products and not a penny more, then there shall be sellers who offer 5$ woth products…sorry

AFAIK Buyers have option to allow or not allow their orders to be shown on the seller’s portfolio. There are also situations when the buyer asked the files to be in non-raster image format like ai, svg or certain formats like psd or xcf which won’t appear on the portfolio. So the case doesn’t universally apply.

Reply to @tutung:

yes i know buyers somethings asked for source files which cannot be shown in portfolio but every buyer donot do this. few% from a whole lot of %…

and when u providing these source file why dont u just aupload extra jpeg file for your porfolio.

Reply to @mimie01: the people your are the toking about are the resellers getting offers from another sites like lanc, dek,etc.

Mostly, I agree with @box3dcover: completed work should be shown in the portfolio. Most buyers don’t mind, and I would be suspicious about a seller who doesn’t allow the work to be shown, mainly for the reasons stated (that the work is probably re-sold or clipart or templates).

What @mimie01 is talking about is a pretty common problem and can be found in nearly all categories: buyers who want the world or don’t read the gig description and want more, all for only $5. For that buyer? Send the clipart, if he won’t pay a reasonable amount. L-)