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Do not COPY description and GIG titles


Hey, Fiverr community as it’s my 1st post here and I would love to be the part of this platform from now. Recently, many times new sellers tried to copy the content of top rated sellers and even maybe there’re dozens. If you intend to copy the description and even gigs, this will only lead to suspension or may be held for review by Fiverr team upon complaint by sellers who invest time to write and arrange such stuff.

“Exactly there’s no shortcut to long term success unless you learn and then implement!”

Remember, if you do not have the best communication skills and if you’re not good at writing, then you cannot be a KING.

So here are some points to new sellers from our experience we would like to share.

  • Always research Fiverr Community (It’s your right to gain ideas) But do not copy someone’s description, else you can write your own.

  • No seller would mind telling what he do, and what he is going to deliver so you can always ask for additional information to gain experience and ideas to start your gig.

  • Always use your own illustrated images (Do not copy from Google) as it could cause problems in future if someone complaint about rights of intellectual property.

  • If you’re not good at making images, you may find many illustrations by using search menu available on your Fiverr Dashboard.

  • Always over deliver, if you’re a new seller. It will gain you more experience and more sales.

  • Do not ask for five stars anywhere in your gig or even when you start the order because it’s against Fiverr TOS.

That’s all from my side. I’m here to help :slight_smile:


Yeah, copying others’ gigs or others’ work is a sure way to get the wrong sort of attention.


What if someone is copying my whole gig ? How can i report him ?!


Titles and descriptions forms a major part of the SEO of your gig.But it is irrelevant unless you copy tags because the bots ranks your gig in SERP of Fiverr by an algorithm involving multiple factors.


You can submit a ticket to Customer Support. However, before you do that, I suggest that you remove the services that are no longer allowed, like doing assignments for others.


Thanks.Good Post.Always follow this from my first day at fiverr. :slight_smile:


I encountered this problem before. I messaged the seller who copied my gig description first but got no response from him so I decided to submit a ticket to customer support. They took action quickly and in less than 24 hours the copycat’s gig was removed. :slight_smile:


If someone is copying my gig image so how can i report him?


Send a message to customer support.


this is very good and helpful tips for new sellers ,


Important tips for the new seller. Most of the time they copied popular gigs. But they don’t know the bad effect of it. Finally, they are losing everything!


Well, that’s easy for illustrators and designers, what about the rest of us? I use a website that specializes in public domain stock photos. Or I might hire an artist to create gig images.

I agree people shouldn’t copy gig titles and gig descriptions, but there are words anyone can use such as great, excellent, quality, premium, etc. So if you have “I will do a great logo in 3 days” don’t complain if 500 other logo designers have the same gig title.

Of course, a better gig title might be “I will do a minimalist logo in 3 days,” niches are very attractive.

“Do not ask for five stars anywhere in your gig or even when you start the order because it’s against Fiverr TOS.”

I had no idea, I’m glad I don’t do that. What I do ask is for a tip. This is my delivery message:

"Hi whoever,

Thanks for your order! Your delivery is enclosed.

Please remember this is a subjective gig, influenced by personal feelings, tastes, or opinions.

Thanks again and have a great day! :slight_smile:

P.S. Tips are appreciated.

P.S.2 Fiverr will mark this order as complete in 3 days."


thanks for your kind tips