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Do not duplicate the content of others

Hi there!
I’m Mamunur Rashid, I’m a professional Graphic Designer. I’ve worked successfully at various Local Markets for the last 2 years.

We know that, Fiverr is a popular marketplace for freelancers. There are some things that increase the creativity by itself. Fiverr has strong security and they made terms and conditions.
New ones, they probably do not know the facts.

Creating a GIG, write the description what you know. Share your work experience. Which type of work you can do, Remember, you have to complete your description within 1200 Characters. So, write your description of your own. Your account may be banned for several reasons. In the near future I will write the several reasons why your account may be banned.

Grow your creativity. Good Luck.

Best Regards
Mamunur Rashid

Short version - read the terms of service and stick to it please. :wink:


Dear friend @offlinehelpers ,
Thanks for your valuable comment. I wrote briefly. I’ll write the details in the future.

Thanks again.

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