Do not edit your gigs


I edited some some gigs three days ago and for the last two days I have not gotten one order. Don’t do it. I’ve never gone two days without one order, not in five years.


When you edit your gig normally your gig will hide from search list for 2-3 days. After 2-3 days your gig will show again search list. You didn’t get order this cause.


I edit my gigs almost every week. Sometimes twice a week to change delivery times. I’ve never has any issue with it affecting my search listing.


Experiencing the same thing


My best selling gig had the number of impressions cut in half in the last 3 days since I edited it.

All the gigs I edited had the impressions drastically reduced and even gigs I didn’t edit dropped drastically for some reason. I wish I had never edited them.


If a gig is performing good, do not edit it.
This is my experience


Even editing a few gigs has made all of them drop in impressions.

I swear fiverr assumes we are trying to trick the algorithm and punishes us when we edit them.

I am curious to see if or when they recover. Today is 12/7/2017.

I will post again if they recover the previous number of impressions.
I am so sorry I edited them but I’ve waited for a year to edit the prices.

So far it’s two days without a new order so let’s see if I can get one tomorrow.


What did you edit?

The prices? or the tags?
I think having an insight might lead us to where the issue is.

About 2 years back, my best selling gig didn’t have a gig video (I make animations, yea, I know). And I decided to insert it for the obvious reason. My gig fell off the search. I removed it and it rose again. Some months after my success manager told me to re-insert it, that it is known to boost sales. I told him my worries and I reluctantly obliged. Unfortunately, my gig fell again.

I removed it. Then my new success manager told me what to include in the content of the video, that it was very important to have a video since it was an animation gig. I did that and this time, it fell for some time and rose to the first page and remained there (Now it is off and on).

Seems confusing but you have to edit your gigs to make them better. The only issue is, you need to know what to edit to make it better, any other thing can get it to fall out easily.


I raised the base prices of the four that never did well after I switched them to packages, since I had nothing to lose anyway as they didn’t get sales.

I also increased slightly the prices of some gig extras on others just by $5. One of the ones that always does well I left alone and it also is dropping in impressions.



This is really interesting. Majorly because you are a Top Rated Seller.

It is either a coincidence. Or the algorithm actually got you.

Are you still on the first page? (What page were you on before the modification?)

If you can tell me what category your gig is. I can try from here


I just pay attention to number of sales and number of impressions.

I can tell by how many orders I’m getting how many impressions I get approximately. No sales mean they cut down my impressions drastically.
I look at the graphs for impressions and they are down to half what they were when I edited my gigs.

What is interesting is the way even gigs I didn’t edit are also taking a big hit.


Can you find your gig in the results when sorting by best selling? There’s some sort of a punishment page at around page 12-18 in many categories (Maybe smaller page number if there’s less gigs in that category), where a lot of best selling gigs with great ratings are sitting. Mine was there too a few times after editing them, sometimes even months! I’ve talked with another seller who’s gig was also there, and for them it lasted almost 2 years!

But if you do find your gig is where it always is, then it just means December sucks for sales! :rage: :joy:


@misscrystal You are right, there is something wrong with editing gigs and same happened with one of my best selling gig. I have tried re-editing but no success. I have not changed for two months and is still not getting that much impressions and click.


Some questions:

Besides not getting any orders are you getting any new messages from new buyers?

Fiverr changes to the site are pretty much forcing everyone to use packages these days. When I search on the term Whiteboard Animation the buyer is asked questions (do you want voice, script, music, etc) and if your packages are not set up properly or if your gig doesn’t use packages, I think it will be tough to get buyers.

Also I wonder how things will shake out when Fiverr does a evaluation of our levels in January. When they do, I would think rankings would go through another dance.

Not sure I’m right, but that’s my thoughts.

I hope things turn around for you


I don’t get messages from new buyers. Just old ones. It’s like I’m on vacation mode.

I’m now into day 3 of zero orders. The only time this happened was once when they updated the algorithm, when I went two full days without an order. In five years.


What on earth were you thinking editing your gigs in December - IN DECEMBER OF ALL MONTHS?

This is exactly why I never edit my gigs. WAY TOO MANY THREATS

The last time I edited my gigs was 6 months ago and the gig I edited got lost in search hell. Hate to say it, but you better start praying.


Yes I may never get any new buyers again.

I thought foolishly I could update the extras prices safely, or that it would just be a couple of days, but it’s not.
I have not updated anything in a year. This is a nightmare. I was on such a roll too.


Fiverr permantly deleted many of my gigs after editing them. I never edit a single word again.


We will take your experience as a advice , Thank You


Let this be a warning to others. Save yourselves!