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Do not get any orders

I have made 2 gigs but i can’t seem to get any offers.
Can anyone help on how to improve the gig?

Hello @abdullahabubake
As a story writer your gig title must be creative and eye catching and then your description is the 2nd important thing you have see, because as a story writer you must know how to start a story and middle and end you have to implement this into your gig as well so it will look more like a story writer gig and also be more specific may be about the genre you are writing and use the related images and a video will also help and after this try to send offer on the buyer request page then i hope you will start getting order,
I hope this will help,


Hi there @abdullahabubake, Owh did I spell your name correct, thank god I did!! :joy: just kidding, and welcome to the forum. As my Fiverr colleague @delogodesign already gave you some great advice, I need to add this too…

Proofreading takes a lot of knowledge in perfectly spelled English grammar, and your English isn’t that perfectly written. Therefore your visitors most likely won’t even bother to click on your order button.

Be honest would you order a proofreading project yourself, when a Gig isn’t perfectly written? I certainly won’t and neither do you? Maybe proofreading isn’t really your expertise.

Please don’t get discouraged by my words. I only try to help. Remember I respect you as much as anybody else here. Maybe you should try something you’re really good at and is passionate about.

Sometimes we have to hear things that we don’t want to hear. Good luck on your journey ahead. Kindly Humberto



thnx i thought why my clicks went down after i edited the gig according to a tutorial

Thank you @hum_on_the_go
@abdullahabubake Its good you edited you gig as per tutorial as i see you have only 7m read time here i don’t know if you read more about fiverr on other websites, i will suggest you to read more things here on fiverr forum and it will help you a lot and when you are chatting with the buyer don’t use “thnx” instead of Thanks, please used proper and professional English, because communications is everything,
I hope it will help you & good luck on your journey ahead,
Thanks and Welcome :heart: