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Do not get same order after Bangladesh terrorist attack

Don’t know after July 2016 Gulshan terrorist attack or other reason can not get same number order. Also do not get new buyer message before, on this two month mostly get order from old buyer… and my earning amount go losing.

Don’t know foreign people means a bad mind or this happens other country sellers also?

Trust me, your orders have nothing to do with a terrorist attack.

Hello bootstrapdev, do not worry, I have never heard of that attack and people do not choose sellers based on if there was a terrorist attack in their country.

The reason people choose a seller is if your gig is well written and it is something the buyer wants.

It’s sad to say really, but a terrorist attack in Bangladesh simply won’t gain that much attention in the West. As soon as us rich white people die due to violence the whole world has to know about it! (I do not approve, all lives are equal)

Many sellers have seen fewer sales these past two months for unknown reasons.

I have a somewhat harebrained plan to send an inbox to some TRS and invite them to talk on a (as yet uncreated) thread re: declining orders. I don’t think it would break my inbox. But its a subject worth discussing, plus if a bunch of TRS report similar, it may be useful for Fiverr as data (sourced from people rather than stats).

I disagree I think due to the terrorist attacks in Gulshan, bootstrapdiv’s orders have completely diminished, therefore he won’t get orders anymore


I would like to know why what WAS my most popular gig is now invisible.
Most TRS are seem reluctant to talk.

I happy to talk about most things except Russia.