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Do not get the service from seller after paying

Hi everyone, I am a new user of fiverr and I get some problems.

I bought a service and paid for it when I did not sign up in fiverr. I just clicked the “sign in with FaceBook” at that time and thought it could connect get my information from it, and the website of Facebook and Paypal is showed. I closed the website of FB because I thought my information had been extracted from FB at that time. and then i paid the order with paypal. When I finished the paying, it said I could get the email immediately. But at that time I noticed that fiverr had none of my information, and I logged in my account with FB and found that there was no order.

The result is that I have paid for the order(I have record in my paypal) and there is nothing in my account. So I cannot get the service either. Could anyone tell me what should I do now?

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Only CS can help with this. On the forum you will only find users who can’t help you.

But I cannot find the CS in the website of fivver…

It is not a service or payment related issue. After reading the title of your thread, I was baffled, but now I think it’s a sign-up error, Contact customer support and complete the full sign-up process, then log in and purchase whatever you want. Do not expect to get the service from a seller as a guest or with a temporary account when you don’t have the re-access of any online marketplace. :roll_eyes:

Go to this link, log in and open a ticket describing your problems.