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Do not getting any work? Do not lose your hope


You are seller in fiverr from long time? Not getting any work what you wanted?
Don’t be frustrated.
I have some question to you.
Suppose you are Graphic Designer__

• Are you sure you completed your graduation in this field?
• You have no knowledge how to work but you created your fiverr account?
• You have the software that requires to work in this field and you think you can do all Graphic related work?
If you completed graduation in the field of Graphic then the sound is cool, it’s not necessary from where you learn how to work perfectly. If you know that you can do the perfect job for your buyer then you are welcome to fiverr.
But if you think you are not graduated and if you are confused about yourself that you do not know how to work, but if you get an order then you will do it by someone or by watching some tutorial then my suggestion for you please do not break buyers trust on fiverr. Just go and learn how to work then you can start selling on fiverr.

If You are confident about yourself that you can do the perfect job for your buyer but you are not getting any order? Day by day you are just sending offers but not getting any order and massage?
Please do not lose your hope. You will get work. But what you will have to do to get work?

My suggestion for you:

  1. Set the gigs title 100% related to your work.
  2. Set up the tags that related to your title.
  3. Set up the Price [what you think perfect for you as a beginner].
  4. Set up the description with some perfect ideas and use the titles main theme, tags one to two time.
  5. Set up faqs with information.
  6. Full fill the requirement field [what you need to get started].
  7. Make your gigs image till you think that yes it’s perfect, then upload it.
  8. Make your LinkedIn profile 100% complete.
  9. Share your gigs in LinkedIn, Google, Facebook, Twitter.
  10. Send offer to buyer request with the description what you can do for him. Do not tell something that you can’t make, or you don’t have any knowledge on it.
  11. If you get any work do your best to make your buyer satisfied. Tell him if you thing some changes can make the work more better.

If you do not get work, then please do not lose your hope, Sign in everyday & keep Sending offer. The days are coming for you & how much work you will get you can’t imagine.

Thankyou so much for reading.


Well, From the meaning of graduation, I politely disagree with using that word in your topic.
Here’s what I know the meaning of graduation:

> grad·u·a·tion

the receiving or conferring of an academic degree or diploma.
the ceremony at which degrees are conferred.
plural noun: graduations
synonyms: graduation ceremony, graduation exercises, commencement, convocation
"President Carter spoke at our graduation"
the action of dividing into degrees or other proportionate divisions on a graduated scale.
a mark on a container or instrument indicating a degree of quantity.

I do not think I need to complete my graduation to do perfect design or any other works.
Lot’s of scientist, artist, poets and even doctors haven’t completed their graduation :wink:


Thanks for your comment.
I did not tell to admit yourself somewhere to be a Graduated.
If a person has no knowledge about how to make a Poster, What is Rule of third, How to make a PSD template, Banner, Logo, How to redraw an image, How to make a book cover, What is dimension__ how he will work?
I have a Desktop/ Laptop I downloaded the required software, and I will become a designer?
In the field of Graphic Design now a days sellers amount is raising too high. That’t why the price of work is going to lower.
Suppose someone created id in fiverr and then regularly sent offer, 50$ work to 5$ to get the work.
And when he get the work he done it somehow and the buyer think its actually a 5$ work.
and if he cant make the buyer satisfied what will be the experience of the buyer about fiverr?


I have not gotten any work since my negative review. I am a Mechanical Designer doing 3D Modeling and CAD work. I have been getting a steady 2 - 3 jobs weekly until I gotten a negative review from not turning in on time but I was in constant communication. After this, it does not seems like I recieved any work. I think it has more to do with rating now. Is there a way to overcome with?


The way you overcome these kinds of things is by bringing in your own traffic and sales, and delivering quality work that results in more positive reviews. Positive reviews will improve your seller rating.


Sincerely, I think with the present changes on Fiverr, everyone has to buckle up and how do we do that? It is by offering your 101% in all jobs. Endeavour to get positive reviews and you will surely get more jobs.


I haven’t gotten any job and trust me I specified the jobs I need


I am too loosing hope no orders yet a bit disappointed I am


Hello cadzooks!
It can happen if a buyer is not satisfied on your work. So do what you need after getting any order.
You can contact with the buyer for any issue and to let him know what you done already.
Send some sample to him before deliver the order. So that he will tell you if everything is okey.
If he want any changes do that. In this way you will never get any negative reviews.
And please wait for the order, keep sending your offer.
I suggest you to share your gig to the social media like Linkedin, use tag related to your work.


Hello fd__jaden,
I got my first order in that day of creating my first gig and after that I did not get any order for four month.
Keep sending your offers.
Make your gigs description informational.
Use right tag for your gig.
Gig images create impact on the buyer so make it cool.
Share your gigs to the social media.


I did`nt get any negative reviews my statistics of the gig are increasing I talk to my buyers very nicely and my gigs are perfect just need orders


I got my first order in that day of creating my first gig and after that I did not get any order for four month.
Keep sending your offers.
Did you check your gigs impression, clicks and view? Regular check this. Make sure your gigs are on the search page.

Make your gigs description informational.
Use right tag for your gig.
Gig images create impact on the buyer so make it cool.
Share your gigs to the social media.


thanks for the advice


Hello @sammantha09
I saw your profile. You have several gigs.
But in your every gig you used only one image and that is lower quality.
Use three image. and try to upload a video into your gigs.
Your description is not attractive.
Please check for the best sellers, top rated sellers give a look how they created their gigs but do not copy their gig.


@nibir009 I’m not graduate in graphics, but in science.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Thanks for your comment.
I didn’t mean that actually what you are thinking.
I actually meant that learn from somewhere.


I’m encouraged… Thanks for the tips…


Of course hope is the thing with feathers .


You have a bird named “Hope”?


Yes Sir, thank you for sharing very motivational and knowledgeable information with us,now i will correct my mistakes in fiverr gigs, thanks again to you…