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Do NOT Hire this person

FRAGGLESROCK wiped out my website when he was supposed to back it up and transfer it from one host to another

He blackmailed me into giving positive feedback, saying he had to do the second half on another quote

He then stole my website when I complained to Fiverr

Fiverr will not allow me to give any feedback because they refunded my money

Meanwhile I lost access to my website, my domain is held hostage and

Fiverr is letting this thief stay on as a seller

Sheriff’s Note: It is not cool (or allowed) to call out others on the Forum.

It would be helpful if Fiverr provided some sort of quality assurance behind these sort of services so that customers are not brutalized in such a fashion.

omg you should only purchase these type of gigs from professionals. I know some sellers are cheater and they don’t provide high quality content.

There sure are enough bad articles related to SEO, Facbook Likes, HTML work, other social marketing promotions, etc on Fiverr Forum these days. I don’t think the practices have changed much for these gigs but sites like youtube, facebook, google, etc, are starting to take action on these types of gigs where before they did not.

How is this person allowed to stay on? He’s mentioned EVERYWHERE…

alundra said: How is this person allowed to stay on? He's mentioned EVERYWHERE...

"FRAGGLESROCK" is not a real Fiverr Buyer or Seller. It is a contrived name Fiverr substitutes when folks post names or links that are not allowed.

ellivate, Don’t panic. Contact your hosting provider and explain the situation, most likely they still have you backup from previous days.

Also you can find an IP address of the seller (since he visited your site, and I’m sure haven’t used VPN or Tor)! I don’t know what country you are living in, but this type of behavior - taking someone’s data as a hostage - can be considered a crime! Communicate that to a seller, may be he is young enough to understand what he is doing.

What is the name of the seller? Have to put it on my blacklist so I don’t order from them.

Reply to @adsensewizard: don’t ask the name here on forum, 'cause it will be fragglesrocked as soon as it’s seen from moderators: please remember that it’s not allowed to call out other members!!

I understand that it can seem unfair in such situation, but rules are rules…

Reply to @alundra:Fragglesrock? Oh, he’s really a nice fellow. Sort of vapory, though.

No, actually “fragglesrock” is the default word used on the forum when someone is complaining about a member by their nickname (it’s unfair to only be able to hear one side of a story, no matter what) or writes a word that isn’t allowed, like ■■■■, panties, penis. See all those fragglesrocks? They showed up when I wrote “■■■■”, “panties” and “penis”. Dammit! ■■■■ ■■■■ ■■■■! :slight_smile:

Reply to @kornilov: It is a crime, your right.

That Fragglesrock gets about, doesn’t he :wink:

Reply to @ozzieuk: well ozzie, as they say, nothing cures like a little humor.

i remember myself talking about this and how fiverr should not allow gigs like " i will install wordpress on your site" or any php scripts. Also gigs like “back up sites” and anything that the seller will need your personal information about your webhost . This has to end, its DANGEROUS to give your credentias to anyone.

How many people have to suffer the same thing you did just because fiverr thinks “installing wordpress” and “fix your website” gigs are actually safe?

This is not the place to lose your entire server / work over a $5 cheap “gig” to fix your server issues . You need to go hire profressionals or go to google and learn how to do it yourself.

I myself have experience with installing php scripts, making websites, admin , transfer , backup etc. But i will never post a gig about it because of ethics.

I would never hand out my server details to anyone , unless they offer me a cookie first!

Best of luck

<3 Biancha

@biancha I have to disagree with you here. By stating this

biancha said: This is not the place to lose your entire server / work over a $5 cheap "gig" to fix your server issues . You need to go hire profressionals or go to google and learn how to do it yourself.

you are basically saying no one on fiverr is professional or to be trusted and you cannot go round tarring everyone with the same brush like this. There are a lot of professionals on fiverr selling the same services they also sell elsewhere at a fraction of the cost and if you take what you are saying to its logical conclusion you cannot trust anyone anywhere and not just on Fiverr.

Even though I do not offer the services you mention above I have done some of them when requested and I have had major corporations, global brands and very, very well known entrepreneurs contact me on here and hand over their credentials without any problem at all.

You will find bad apples everywhere and not just on fiverr and in my opinion there are a lot of sellers on here ( the majority) who provide those services and execute them very well without any problems at all and at a fraction of the cost you would expect elsewhere.

Reply to @celticmoon: Ahh now I get it! Ha ha I feel so silly. I was like “That doesn’t sound like Fiverr…” XD

who is this fragglesrock anyway, i thought it was a default way of hiding a link to another microjob site by fiverr…

It is.

It’s a substitute for words and links that are not allowed to be mentioned in the forums. They could have made it easier to understand. Something like “naughty, naughty”