Do not Ignore please help me


I need help for all fiverr members.

My BEST GIG is not available in search kindly help me and search with time and let me know.
I will be thank full to all of you.

I Will Design A Logo For New Business, Brand Or Website



You not the only one who need help. My best gig also drop from page 1 to page 9


every one facing this issue clicks, views, impression going down


I just earn the level 2 badge :frowning: but i can’t Find my best selling gig on 1-20 page :frowning:
i just get the orders via buyer request :frowning: I thought 2nd level sellers get orders Automatically when i was in level 1 . :frowning:


Please contact fiverr support. I have seen many people have this trouble.

You are performing good and you suddenly see your gig is not there when you set the filter “AVG. Custom Review” . This is not your fault. So contact fiverr support. they will help

To imon13bworkshop
Don’t worry. go to fiverr in incognito window and go to your category. fiverr introduce new search method. it will appear on top. use that. you will find your gig where you have seen before.

Example: Video & Animation -> Whiteboard Animation

  1. Filter will ask you to pick up 2D animation, Whiteboard Animation, Motion graphics
  2. Then price range
  3. Then deliver time

Special tip :grinning:
Try to set your gig price and deliver time according to that. It will list your gig on the top

I have a problem with my gig after change my gig image