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Do not lose hope

If you are Selller on fiverr and getting zero response on your gigs then do not think that you should leave this.May be your patience is more expensive then 5$ or 10$.May be this is your test period.May be your time is few steps far from today.So, do not lose Hope.Keep doing work.Keep planning things.
One day you will be a successfull seller on Fiverr.


Nice motivation, can you share any of your reallife experience like you are said here

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Yes,I have done many projects in my real life but on fiverr i am a new seller.I can show you my projects which i completed in my city.And this post was also for me too. Thank you

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Yes, patience is key. All too often, we change prices and if we don’t get an order right away, we start panicking. LOL. Give it time.


Thks bro.But I do really hope so. because on a very serious note is way too hard making it over here .I noticed is even easier making it in the real world than on this platform. Or maybe it’s due to a particular skill.I mostly receive buyers request on architectural designs but what I actually do is quite different which is electrical design.


yes,you are right.This happens with many peoples.

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Indeed. Thanks for an extra dose of motivation.

This really motivate me. Thanks brother

Really Motivated ehsantaj
Thank you.

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Thank you .Nice motivation

Thank you for motivation
but last one month i have no order in November i have only one order …

Thanks for the message of hope

:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

all on maybe?? what if not?