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Do not open multiple accounts

I think it was the beginning of April.
I used “Preview Public Mode” to see how my profile would look like to the client, there I found a button called “Get a Quote”. Curiously I pressed it, filled up a request file to myself for a logo. Then I went to check my inbox, the message I sent to myself. Without replying to myself I deleted the conversation. The next day, my response rate went down to 50%…. Generally I was fraustrated so I asked for help on forum and no one had any idea. They advised me to use contact support. I didn’t listen to their advice :slightly_smiling_face:. It’s not like I didn’t want to but my experience with contact support teams were really bad in other platform. So I opened bunch of gmail account and send myself texts and responded to them. It increased my response rate(I was aware that opening multiple accounts could get me banned). I was fraustrated. 2/3 days later my account got disabled. I was really sad and understood my mistake so finding no other alternative I contacted CS for help. And here I am. It took me 3 days to finally restore my account. They were very helpful and understood my situation and about the bug. Probably because there was a bug I was able to restore my account without any warning or any damage. But I would suggest do not open multiple accounts. I saw many people were practicing this method so I thought sharing this message would help them. I must praise the FIVERR CONTACT SUPPORT team. I never got this level of treatment from any other platform. Thanks Fiverr and Fiverr Support. #Fiverr-Site #Fiverr-Tips


Duh. They’ll ban you when they catch you. And I do mean “when”, not “if”.

Your story is nothing short of miraculous, though.


Yes, I was really lucky. I didn’t expect any good result. But I was detailed and upfront about what I did. Till now I appreciate Fiverr Support.

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Good information :smile:

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All I can do is a facepalm :woman_facepalming: seriously…

I remember that topic. People did have an idea and told you that it’s not a bug but fiverr counts that you need to respond all messages even if you sent it to yourself. So we did have an idea why that happened and we advised you what to do. And you ignored it. And on purpose decided to break more rules.

To be honest I’m very surprised that they restored your account. So happens that you are very lucky. I will put your case in a small bucket of people who’s account got restored after breaking rules. And congrats, you are the first one.


And with me, we are two… :woman_facepalming:

Yeah, I also remember that topic. :roll_eyes: :unamused:

How many accounts did you open?


Really sorry. And thank you for helping me then. If I had just listened. But yeah I was lucky.

5 Accounts 2/3 of them got blocked right after the issue was solved. I don’t know why but fiverr isn’t blocking the other ones. I just contacted Customer Support for help. I really apologize, I should have listened back then.

Ok. So, right now, and unless you want to get banned, go and close ALL the remaining accounts.

And don’t try tempting luck, because this time it won’t work well for you…

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Sure, not a bug, just Fiverr being stupid. That makes absolutely no sense. Their automatic systems are just not smart enough. It’s trivial to make it detect the message is from yourself and ignore it for response rates. They do it with spam messages (like, 25% of the time, but still). That’s how it should work.

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To be honest I am really nervous right now. Because of a dumb luck I did get my account back but now I have to do the same. Well Fiverr Support did reply with this.

Yes, exactly my point. Since I was a new seller I was curious. just wanted to try it out. When my issue was resolved I asked Fiverr Support if the problem with using “Contact Me” on myself was fixed. They didn’t give any direct reply. So never ever try it!!!

You can message yourself all you want, as long as you reply, I guess. Or take the hit to the stats and get a bunch of people to contact you. Having more than one account was the problem, not really anything else.