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Do NOT order from this seller (revised)

Hi again!

My earlier topic was flagged because it contains seller’s page/username. So here is the revised version without sharing any of that.

Hopefully this will help someone before ordering from this seller! So here is the story.
I ordered from him a gig to promote one of our mobile apps to 2M social media audience. After a 7 days delivery time he marked the order as delivered providing our own app screenshots as it appears on the Google Play Store as a prove… After asking for the actual prove of the delivery he provided screenshots from Facebook groups and Twitter. The thing is he just posted those after I asked for the actual prove of delivery. So he basically attempted to deliver without delierying. This is totally unprofessional. Although I wasn’t 100% happy with the result I accepted the delivery anyway…

Then the thing started. After I accepted his delivery he asked me to provide him a review on his Fiverr page. I wasn’t really feeling like it because my exeprience with this order wasn’t great. So I did not provide any review/feedback for it (at least not at that time yet). The very next day I saw 4x 1-star bad reviews on my app listing and all of them were coming from the same device, under different variation of the same user name and had similar content. This was totally unusual because the app has almost 90% of 4 and 5 stars reviews. After tracking the user profile who gave those bad reviews it turned out it’s from the same country as my Fiverr seller’s country. So I asked him on Fiverr and initially he admitted it was him doing and he can remove my bad reviews if I give him good review. Then he said it was his “audience” but he knows the guy and he can ask him to remove the bad reviews he gave. Later that day I received 2x more bad reviews on the app. It’s total disaster. I paid him and instead of promoting my app I ended up getting 6x 1-star fake reviews from him and/or his friends.

I contacted Fiverr support with this issue but it’s still waiting for resolution.

I’ve been buying on Fiverr for a long time spending a lot of money every month but never got into something like that. If anyone wants to know more about my buyer’s experience please feel free to contact me privately.


Its really sad…

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Here’s my tips for you to get over it.

  1. Forget those $7.25 you paid for that service (you made mistake when you thought that this investment will bring you any good to your business)
  2. Never order media promotion on Fiverr (I have not found any that is not fraud or misleading yet)

You may get help from CS with your case, just wait a few days.


Have you even listened to ANY of the comments on the other thread?

It’s your own naivety and greed that backfired on you.

No sympathies, none. Honestly, it’s bone headed to think you can get 2 million likes / views / whatever for a few bucks, it’s not legitimate traffic and you should know better.

For reference: Do NOT order from this seller is the original post


Yes, I listened to all the comments from the flagged topic… and this new “revised” topic is a prove. The whole discussion on the old topic was around the reason my post was flagged, i.e about not following the forum guidelines by including the seller’s link/username. That’s why I created this revised version to fix the issue and not include any links or names.

Regarding the cheap price and poor results I really didn’t expect much from this order. The main issue was not the poor delivery itself (otherwise I wouldn’t approve it) but it is the fact that after the approved delivery he gave 6x 1-star bad reviews on our app listing. So he actually did some damage to the product reducing it’s overrall rating. His motive was that I didn’t want to review his gig after the delivery (because I really didn’t want to give him bad review). Then only after he gave that bad reviews I went to review his gig. I would be better of not ordering from him at all. I’ve been ordering for some time and I’ve had few poor deliveries before but nothing like that post delivery damage.

If you do more research, you will find that he is holding an account on Fiverr too.

Simply take screenshot of the message and send it to the CS. It’s a clear cut case of holding multiple accounts on Fiverr.

Let CS assess all those accounts.

Flag those reviews and take up the matter with Google.

Good Luck!!


Thanks Rahul for great suggestions, the case is already with Fiverr CS although they seem to be a little bit slow to respond.

There are only 36 agents to respond, while number of light agents are only 20.
Advise: Don’t try to bug them by adding back to back comments on your ticket. Wait for their first response!!

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What a total bummer. Thank you for sharing your experience. It’s so challenging to be professional when you feel so “wronged!”

I am glad you listened to your intuition and held off on the review. Although most non reviewed orders are just a simple, “ I don’t have time or I just don’t do reviews,” yours was based on multiple “ugh oh” feelings! Glad you listened to your gut feelings.

Try not to waste any more of your good energy on that seller. Leave it for those who deserve it!


The seller wasn’t professional. He don’t know how to handle project and behavior a buyer. I don’t know why he was asking for feedback?
At first need to focus his client satisfaction. If a client really satisfy then he will do feedback as like his mind.
Thanks for sharing your story so that all the buyer will careful this seller.

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I can now confirm Fiverr Customer Support refunded my money so I can use it again to order from good sellers. They will be investigating and keeping an eye on this seller.

Thank you all for positive feedback.


That is amazing and I am so happy for you!!! Great job for pursuing the issue in a professional and thoughtful way.

I just had a great experience with customer support. They literally responded within an hour and resolved the issue quickly!!!