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Do NOT order from this seller

Posts may be edited or removed for extreme language or negatively calling buyers/sellers out by username.

The above is from the forum rules which we all have to follow.

Here is the link: Community Standards & Forum Rules - 2020

Yes, it wasn’t a lot of money but it’s still worth to warn others from ordering from him. Not only his delivery was poor but the worst thing was after the delivery he did 6x bad reviews so the outcome was worse than if I didn’t order at all!

I don’t get it why the post was hidden!?.

How come it’s allowed to give bad reviews on Fiverr seller’s page but not on the forum. Both sellers pages and forum are available to buyers so what’s the difference you can do this there but not here? I can create a post on 100 other forums with his username and link and it will be thanked buy others that I helped them avoid being ripped off.

The same way you can give bad reviews to some shop online, on trustpilot website etc. Or Google business reviews etc.

Stop thinking you circumstances permit you to break forum rules. They don’t.

And no, you did this because you wanted vengeance. Let’s call a spade a spade. We’re not here to witness your revenge plots.

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No, I described my experience as a buyer to warn others from bad seller. Whatever the circumstances still the forum guidelines may need to be updated especially in the Buyers Tips section.

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The forum rules will never be updated to say you can defame sellers or buyers by name.

Luckily you can do it on the seller’s page. It’s strange that you are allowed to share product review without saying or linking to the actual product. So I can share my buyers experience from the order but not saying what was the order or from who it was. LOL

Legitimate sellers aren’t exactly clamoring to work with buyers who go out of their way to defame sellers, just so you know.

Any legitimate seller who researches you will see your posts and be immediately deterred and you’ll only get work from even more sketchy sellers.

So your revenge plot is quite counter-productive.


I will repeat, I only posted my experience from buying a product (ordering a gig) in the Buyers Tips section to warn other buyers. There nothing wrong with it. You suggest that any genuie review from buying a product if it’s a negative review then it’s a revenge in your dictionary LOL

Nothing wrong with it? The forum rules explicitly forbid that. Where does it say that circumstances let you override forum rules?

You either didn’t read them or don’t understand how policy works.

And regardless of the rules, you’re shooting yourself in the foot. You’ll never get work from legitimate sellers who see this thread. You’ll only get more work from sketchy sellers, which is the very thing you’re trying to prevent.

Yes there is nothing wrong with sharing your review in the Buyers Tips forum section. I guess you must be a seller on Fiverr that’s why you are so scared of reviews on forums. Definately not ordering from you.

Obviously I wasn’t saying that isn’t allowed. Of course it is. Don’t twist what I said.

I’m obviously saying that naming the seller was the infringement, hence the word “defame.” The forum rules explicitly forbid that and it makes no sense to announce to Fiverr sellers that you will defame them if you feel like it. Not exactly attractive to good sellers is it?

I clicked the report button because your ignorance to the way it works here is laughable.

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The forum rules say “Posts may be edited or removed for extreme language or negatively calling buyers/sellers out by username”. A seller who has been negatively called out on the forum will normally have the name blanked out from the post by the mods.

Saying to contact you privately for the username will also be against the rules because it would still be using the forum to negatively call out a seller by name.

The proper place is on the review on the main site and, if necessary, to contact customer support on the main site with a support ticket if you’ve had a very bad experience with a seller and explain the issue to them.


Haven’t you heard? He gets to break policy when he sees fit and defaming sellers won’t affect his reputation among sellers at all! (Sarcasm)

reading the rules might help you out a bit

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Do not privately message sellers on the main site privately about the forum. Those are for sales messages online. Goodness you have bad judgment.

The reason I don’t have messages enabled in the forum is to stop sellers from harassing me.



Since the whole discussion here is about my flagged topic being against the forum guidelines I fixed that and here’s the revised version that doesn’t contain any seller username or links to the seller’s page: Do NOT order from this seller (revised)

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There’s no reason to post a new thread, you could have just edited the original one.

Please take a quick second to read the community’s rules and guidelines, while you wait for customer support to respond to your ticket.

Thank you


Thanks, I agree but I couldn’t edit anymore since it was flagged twice after my first edit. Anyway looks like I actually get useful and constructive responses on the new revised thread because it doesn’t break the guidelines (which was all causing all those negative responses here in the first place)