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Do Not Place All Your Eggs In A Single Basket

Fiverr has been good for me, and helped me to provide for my family and myself full time. However, there is a trend that I have noticed through crunching numbers that I think will be telling.

I took the impressions, clicks, views, and orders from my 3 bestselling gigs and aggregated the data based on time period.

It looks a bit like this


As you can see, my impressions per day have gone down on average, as did my clicks, views, and orders. The only exception is the past 7 days, where only my impressions are down, but it is too short term to really know if that means anything will rebound.

I am not going to mention my income, but I will tell you that it has been down too.

This is why I am so fervent about income diversification:

Having many sources of income is vital when it comes to surviving in the freelance market. Fiverr is great, but it should in no way be one’s one and only source of income.