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Do not purchase from this seller**** THIS SELLER IS A THIEF. DO NOT PURCHASE. ****** is selling an online logo software that you can get for free canva

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So you mean to tell me I can’t expose a thief.


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You should bring this up with Customer Support > Trust & Safety > Reporting Bad User Behavior

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Im telling you that the forum is not the right place to do it.
As others have said, go to customer support, they can actually do something about it.


Can you say what makes you say that?

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everybody have there style of eating…please that is his way., There is no reason to call him a is not by force to purchase from him

This is quite shocking though. Wow… I really hope that something gets done though

Thank you, I understand the rules now and I contacted Customer support. I am an avid buyer and I never came across a dishonest seller.

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I know I was not force to purchase the gig, but do not sell something you know people can get for free. That is dishonest and false advertising.

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I apology for all my miss steps, however, this made me angry and I will follow the rules.


You should report to customer service

We need some details of what happened.