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Do not read my topic if you don't show some sympathy

Hi There,
I’m going to share my Fiverr experience as a seller. A few days ago, what happened to me is that a person came to me asked me if I can work for him. I was capable of doing work according to his requirement so I said: “YES! I can help you with you your project”.

I sent him the custom offer and he places the order. Sent a PDF of TEXT CONTENT.

I prepared a doc for him Actually it was an HTML CUSTOM EMAIL DESIGN. I made everything according to the requirement and delivered the order.

The client asked back to make minor changes like font style, and Center to left-align text and those basic things.

All right No Problem, I delivered the order with all the requested changes. Then the client again asked for the revision.

Whatttt Not again! So now what happened? Yes, you’re right he asked for the revision once more!
Saying need more!

I tried my best to ask him what exactly the change do you want or let me know the specific area or section or if there is an element I can Add, remove or customize. But Nope! He never tried explaining.

I asked him politely after some time, Hi There, I’ve not heard back for a while. Please let me know more about your needs & requirements.

So I did my best to make things more beautiful and accurate according to the requirements defined in PDF File.

and delivered the order saying this is the final delivery as I’ve not heard back for a while.

But whenever I deliver the order he just doesn’t;t accept the delivery and asks for the revision and does not say what actually he needs.

So let me know in this situation what could I do?
Now doing the same thing the order is late for 10 days. I’m not sure what’s going to happen with my account when the order is going to be marked as completed or canceled.

I’m seeing a totally dark world ahead! That’s why said; Do not read my topic if you don’t show some sympathy.

:broken_heart: :crying_cat_face:


According to CS, if the revision request is empty/blank, you can just redeliver the previous file (I asked just to be sure 2 weeks ago).

If you suspect that a blank request was sent by mistake, give it a few days. Leave a comment to let the buyer know that you’ll be waiting for instructions for X days and ask them to let you know if it was done by mistake so you can deliver again asap.

If it’s done deliberately (looks like that’s the case here), just deliver again. With a comment that the request contained no information at all and revision requests can’t be empty, thus you can’t help. You may have to do it multiple times just to see who wins.

At the end of it all, your buyer can attempt to cancel via CS (and possibly succeed). You then can attempt to get refunded by Fiverr via CS (by contacting them and showing proof that you’ve delivered everything the client asked for just to get bombarded by useless requests). It may work (I’ve seen a few successful cases), it may not.

Contacting CS now won’t do anything, they’ll just give you their usual “We can’t force a buyer to accept the delivery” spiel.

Your account will be fine as long as your initial delivery was made on time.


Hello @lenasemenkova
Thank you for taking the time to read and show some sympathy. He reached out to Fiverr support team and support team asked him to settle the issue with the seller.

Team also suggested the buyer to cancel the order if he places another order of 50% amount. Then the team will cancel the existing one.

Delivered the order once again! Let’s see what happens.

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What @lenasemenkova outlined was almost exactly how a similar situation played out for me. Buyer was clearly attempting to scam me, put in multiple revision and cancellation requests with just “I don’t like it/my boss doesn’t like it” in the comment. I returned the same file/declined cancellations with polite messages that I’m happy to help them if they clarify what is wrong. At the same time, I contacted CS with screenshots of chat messages and my work to show them I had done all the Buyer asked and that the Buyer wasn’t clarifying what was wrong. In the end, CS canceled the order at the buyer’s request and several days later I received my payment from Fiverr for that order.

It’s stressful when this happens but my experience so far has taught me that if I’m in the right and have a good standing with Fiverr, then more often than not my work will be compensated. Just makes sure you’re always clear with your buyers, make your gig descriptions as tight and clear as possible and always consider whether a project is something you can deliver while also vetting your buyers.

Hope this has helped in some way :slight_smile:


Actually my bad I sent him the complete ZIP file of a folder containing All the files.

And once he received it he started to do this thing.

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