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Do not say the words 'negative feedback' when delivering a gig


It now blocks your message for ‘up to’ 24 hours while a member of customer support checks it out. it gives this message:

“Your message was flagged for review by our Trust and Safety team,
due to possible Terms of Service violation. This process may take up to 24 hours.”

Which means the person I delivered the content to can not see it until customer support approve the comment. I have tried delivering gigs three times today and mentioned the words “negative feedback”. I received that warning each time.

I delivered one time without mentioning those words. Did not get the warning.

Again, another change to the system. Saying ‘negative feedback’ should not be a banned word…

It was like:

“If there are any issues. Get in touch with me before leaving negative feedback so I can sort out the issue for you”

But, Fiverr seems to think (when it flags it)

“Get in touch with me. I don’t want negative feedback so I will give you one thousand free articles to say sorry”

Ridiculous changes.


Looks as if major thinking will be needed before any conversations, or conversations may be on the endangered species list soon. You think ‘Thank you for your order and have a nice day.’ might trigger the flags too? After all it could be seen as soliciting positive feedback by some overambitious flagging software. Time for building a flag-safe canned response collection? There might be a gig in that for fiverr-writers.


Looks like its time for doublespeak! Instead of negative feedback, it’s time to “welcome any questions or suggested alterations to the copy” while being as obsequious as possible to the buyer.

All hail the mighty buyer! Reverse up with unpositive words! Fare thee well, straightforwardness!


It looks like fiverr is trying to prevent people from offering to give some incentive to remove negative feedback. Surely there must be a better way.

Why can’t fiverr allow revisions to what was delivered if negative feedback is left?


Ryan, the reason “Negative feedback” is flagged, is the utilization of the phrase to force someone to do additional work via blackmail etc.

For e.g
"If you do not do additional X amount of work in Y amount of time, I will leave you a NEGATIVE FEEDBACK!"

Since the above statement is a violation of TOS, the key words being flagged is “Negative Feedback” as connotation for unfavorable behavior.



There was a “Secret Tip” here, now it’s gone.


Careful with copy, might have made it on the list to feed the flagorithm in the works for the next possible folly du jour IP infringement.


I know why it is blocked. However, if I hadn’t noticed the message had been blocked and sent a further message with the content, the client would have had to wait a further 24 hours to actually see the delivery.

It is not right.


Ryan, the better statement may be… “I am open to modification please leave good feedback. Otherwise” I usually deliver the file this way…


Completely, sometimes the messages are flagged and due to bug or w.e, it may not even SHOW that it is flagged.

That’s even worse!


Man, The new update is Unforgiving


I am wondering if the bug on the fiverr app that gives 4.3 stars when someone tries to leave all 5 stars has been fixed.


There are a number of new phrases that seem to be like this. Adult language can do it, even if used in a different context. A blogger wanting me to write a post about dog breeding can be stuck 24 hours for a term referring to female dogs. I also got flagged for referring a client to another seller when he asked for something I can’t do. (These flags come with no red box or other warning until you are blocked and get the ToS violation note.)


Hopefully the amount of work overwhelms them and they stop it.

I just got an account warning for letting too many gigs go late too. Another change, even though the gigs that go late are pre-arranged lateness.


Flagged for referring a client to another seller? Isn’t that what they want us to do when a client asks for something that we can’t do, recommend someone else?


Oh, no, I removed it myself. lol


Pre-arranged lateness… lol

Please do elaborate! :smiley:


What if catwriter wanted to talk about writing about female cats or dogs even…? :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, hate the policing of order conversations-- it honestly is annoying and fake. I especially hate how ‘voicemail’ gets flagged, in my line of work it’s extremely frustrating to work around it.


Some of my clients order months in advance and gradually dripfeed the content over that time. I know they won’t cancel, so that is fine.

You can only have a maximum of 30 days timer on a gig, but I am normally delivering these gigs over 2-3 months.