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Do not send private messages to people asking for help and crazy requests--UNBELIEVABLE- You want to use my PC? Really?

In the last two weeks I’ve gotten six messages asking for help with seller’s gigs.
Please stop doing this. That’s what the forum is for. We are not supposed to be sending private messages to anyone asking for help.

Questions like “how do I get orders” or “look at my gig and help me improve it” belong on the forum. I don’t give personal help with gigs.


Thankfully, PMs are :triangular_flag_on_post: flaggable, too. :smiley:


I don’t know why there are so many doing this now. It’s become an epidemic.

Also don’t copy my gigs. Four people just got banned for that.

I feel like it would be better for me to not use the forum based on some of the things that have been going on lately.


That or a writer asking me to buy their writing gig when I am a writer. Really?!


Been there and that sucks. I don’t know why they’d think I’d give them a job, especially if they can’t write.



Don’t let these absent-minded people stop you from participating in the forum. Report their :peach:es at once. It’s a horrible trend, I usually quote the forum guidelines and excuse myself from the PM.

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And here we have possibly the most crazy request I have ever received:

What is going on lately?



LOL, I’ve definitely seen it all on here. :woman_facepalming:t4:

Any takers?

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Wow! Seriously! Hope you reported them

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I can tell it’s not their main account. I am sure I know who it is though and yes it’s someone who comes to the forum. Kind of sad that this is what being active on the forum leads to, all these unbelievable messages and copycats, not to mention the occasional threat.

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It would be much better to use the flag system for unwanted PMs. Thank you!