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Do not show as online

I was unable to log in ti fiverr for 4 months because of my studies, But my account do not show in online category even i’m online . if any one know the reason please let me know
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This is an ongoing recurrent problem affecting everyone.

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Uhm, I have two gigs in the same category and when I check the online feature it only shows one of the gigs online, the other is offline.

And yes, like @lloydsolutions said this is an old issue although now it gotten slightly better because until recently I couldn’t see anyone online soo…

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how can we overcome this matter?

Unfortunately you can’t. Sometimes it works …. sometimes it doesn’t!


It happened to me as well. This is what proved best solution for me.
Click on your profile picture on the right corner, click on the settings tab and you would see a drop-down for online status. Select to show you online and problem will be solved. :slight_smile:

He is showing online ok ( so doesn’t need this fix). It is just that when he is online it is not showing as online in the Seller Status category on the left hand side.

That seems like a bug then.

It is a recurring bug!

I hope it gets permanently fixed soon.

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this is fiverr bug. :yellow_heart:

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