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Do not show me the Search tag to the gig

Hi there, I am open the new gig at 7 days later. 2 order complete this gig. But do not show the Search tag. Whats the problem, Can explain everyone.

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What does it mean ?
clarify please

When viewing the gig normally/previewing scroll past the reviews and the tags should show.

Do not show the Related Tags

Can not show that the Related Tags

You’re right something’s changed. But for me, on one gig when logged in, the “related tags” are all the actual tags of the gig. On another gig, when logged in, the “related tags” only show the first 3 tags of the gig (instead of all 5). When not logged in in Firefox it shows all 5 tags of that gig but that may be because it’s showing it in the old format because of caching/cookies.

I checked your gig but everything is all right .
I attached a screenshot.