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DO NOT use Fragglesrock - SCAM


So it seems there in no system in place for a seller that does not produce any work and you are forced to cancel the order - Fiverr does not allow you to leave feedback and it’s been 2 days and I have not had a response from support or the buyer. I will be steering clear of the site as there is nothing there to protect buyers.

Fragglesrock took my product - didn’t not produce any photography after 6 weeks and refused to return - made continuous excuses and delays - this guy is a con artist don’t use him!!! I would say his reviews are all fakes…

And be aware there is nothing in place when you purchase from a seller and have to cancel that you cannot leave negative feedback for them… major flaw in the system.

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You have to report this to customer support.

Also remove the username of the seller from the post. It is not allowed here.


I agree it is a major flaw in the system as well as the fact neither can buyers actually post a review here in the “Ranting Pot” warning other buyers from sellers. Fiverr should be more transparent and allow buyers to be able to warn other members from sellers which would stop the sellers from bad business practices.


Reply to @zbevans: They do have that system. It’s the rating system. In order for a buyer to leave a review for a seller, the buyer has to actually pay for the order (not cancel), for the same reason the forum sheriffs don’t let users “name names” in forum posts. It makes sure that all reviews of a seller come from paying customers, and not from people who just want to hurt that seller’s reputation.

For example, if there were no rules in the forum and someone could just come here and write a post “outting” a “scammer,” aside from the legitimate posts, there would be thousands of posts from sellers just trying to ruin someone else’s reputation–sometimes to try and steal their sales, but sometimes just for the heck of it. And there would be plenty of posts from buyers outting sellers that they thought scammed them, when in reality, that buyer was at fault.

If a buyer wants to warn other members about a seller, they don’t get their money back. This is the only real protection Fiverr has instituted for sellers. Other sellers can’t just buy your gig, get their money back, and then leave a nasty review to prevent you from getting sales. Buyers who are just out to scam work out of sellers don’t also get to leave a review after they’ve taken the work and gotten their money back.

I know it’s frustrating when you send a project to a seller and they cancel after a few days, without any communication or notice. But you get your money back. You get to try a different seller. If you’re really concerned about whether or not a seller is going to pull through, you should probably contact that seller before ordering the gig, to make sure they’re as communicative as you’d like and at least seem like they’re going to do what they promise they will.


As usual, the voice of reason.


@emasonwrites does the means justify the end or does the end justify the means? I understand the rationale but as a result of only allowing those that “actually pay for the order (not cancel)” to rank sellers then as many have mentioned on this forum, the seller is under no obligation to fill the order – no check and balance. Simply, the likelihood of a seller receiving a negative review after the completion of a gig is very low thus skewing the ratings of the sellers which most buyers review as part of the due diligence before selecting a seller.

If sellers are to used this forum to rant on other sellers in order to steal buyers, then perhaps Fiverr should remove the sellers who engage in such behavior. Also, getting my money back does not give me time back – the buyer is out production time because the seller misrepresents oneself. Moreover, although Fiverr has instituted protection for the seller, the same is not instituted for the buyer? As a buyer since there was no way to leave a negative review on a seller for an unfulfilled gig and misrepresentation I came to this forum to warn other potential buyers. If there was an option to leave a negative review, after placing an order and then subsequently canceling there would not have been a need to come to the forum and the forum rules could remain the same.

BTW I did contact the seller before ordering the gig and was informed that yes “can do” the requested gig, but then seller back out AFTER receiving proprietary information from me. I did contact another seller and even though my money is credited on my account, my credited money remains in my account and Fiverr took additional money not the credited amount. Again, I remain skeptical because I communicated with the another seller before agreeing to the custom order submitted, but after agreeing to the custom order, I have yet to hear back from the seller. There is an old saying "fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me."

In conclusion, BUYER BEWARE the rating system is skewed to be in the sellers best interest.