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DO NOT USE fragglesrock

Terrible. Stopped responding to me after I asked for my order to be corrected.

Sheriff’s note: calling out other members name is not allowed here.

First of all, esthetic difference-of-opinion is not a reason, by itself, to cancel an order and not pay someone for their work. That being said, the gig you purchased should have specified whether or not the seller did modifications; some people set a limit, some will modify until you/buyer is happy with product. THAT being said, it is unprofessional of the seller to not respond to you at all, however it is possible an unforeseen issue has come up and the seller has not gotten your messages. And that is why it is wrong for you to mention the seller’s name in your public post: we can only hear your side of the story.

What can you do?

If this is a recent order, then go to your order page, look at top next to the order number and click “resolution center” and ask for a modification or a mutual cancellation. If the seller refuses or doesn’t respond again, take screenshots of your messages to the seller asking for modifications or cancellation. File a ticket with Customer Service (links on bottom of every page) and be sure to send the screenshots with your complaint. You’ll be asked to open an account with CS (quick process) and preferred email account for them to contact you. After you file the ticket, you’ll get an email that contains a verification link; be sure to click that to initiate the process with CS. Also be patient because if CS is busy you may not get a response (other than the automated email) for a couple days.