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Do not use fragglesrock

I’ve been using Fiverr for about 3 months now. I’ve had a lot of success with a lot of sellers and some unpleasant experiences also. But none compare to the gig by the seller fragglesrock. I bought his Facebook Like gig and wrote him the expectation of what I expected. At first I was surprised on how fast he delivered the gig, within hours. That seemed a bit unusual from what I’m accustom too. However, I gave fragglesrock a thumbs up for delivering the gig on time and with the amount he advertised would be added to Facebook. But I thought I better get another gig in that fed my Facebook account slowly, before this gig jumps out as a red flag. I purchased a 400 likes/day gig for 10 days to camouflage fragglesrock gig.

This second gig ran for a full day but all I was seeing were looses in my Facebook account. On the second day, the seller was proactive and noticed the gig wasn’t adding likes into the account and contacted Facebook. He then emailed me to inform me that Facebook has placed a restriction on my Fanpage due to fake likes. He said these fake likes all came from Turkey within the last day. Well, I wrote to fragglesrock explaining this situation asking if in fact all his Facebook Likes came from Turkey, but he’s not replying to my messages.

To say the least, I’m a bit pissed off with fragglesrock for the lack of knowledge and no respect to my hard work in developing my Fanpage. It had 20,k + Likes in it and took 4 months of my time before he destroyed it. All for a $5 check! What a little dirt bag this guy is.

So, stay clear of fragglesrock. He’ll only ruin your work.

Sheriffs note: Please do not call out other users!

What did you expect would happen? You broke Facebook’s Terms of Service…and, amazingly, you were obviously fully aware that you were doing so! buying fake traffic to artificially boost your numbers. And the traffic turned out to be fake! And you got caught! Big surprise.

You’re whining about all your “hard work” developing a fan page with 20,000 likes?? Are you kidding? What’s so “hard” about buying likes? Because obviously you’ve been buying them all along ("…this seemed a bit unusual from what I’m accustom too {sic}").

I’m not quite sure who is the dirtier bag.

whatever the rights and wrongs of this is not for me to say but something sticks out here

bigdog7950 said: On the second day, the seller was proactive and noticed the gig wasn't adding likes into the account and contacted Facebook

Are you saying someone was adding likes to the account and when they didn't show up they contacted facebook. Seriously? that is asking for trouble if that is the case. you might as well say hello I have been breaking your TOS but it does not seem to be working please look at my account and hang me out to dry.

@markp Yes, that really popped out at me, too. Wow, talk about shining a big ol’ spotlight on the crime while it’s happening! But it was the seller of the likes who contacted FB (if I understand correctly), so it seems that the seller didn’t know that what he was doing was against FB’s TOS (although the buyer bigdog7950 certainly knew it) and that just makes me shake my head in disbelief. It also explains why there are so many sellers of likes on Fiverr…and when their gigs get suspended without warning they’re always so shocked and often come to the forums to cry.

Sorry, blatant dishonesty brings out the snark in me.