Do not use this seller!


I paid him $30 almost 2 weeks ago to design a website for me, and now he made me cancel my order (and refunded the money, but…the time I cant get back). I sent him text, pictures, fonts, graphics, everything practically, and he still wouldn’t do squat! I am LIVID!!! The one idea he had, (which did not have the color scheme, fonts, graphics, pics…anything) the headline he used sounded more like a sex site than what I was trying to do! (Granted, he’s in Egypt, but if hes doing work in the US he needs to understand our slang!)


It is against forum rules to name sellers so you need to delete this immediately.


What was the headline? That sounds hilarious, actually xD


It was “cock with a pleasure” I think he meant “cook”…he was pissed that I admitted I laughed.


LOL. That “a” ruins things a bit, but “Cock with pleasure” would be a great brand. Think about it.


Not for a manifesting website


I tried to search for it, and couldn’t find any sellers. Fiverr’s search is very suspicious.


For everything. For every. Single. Thing.


Every now and then you might find a talented seller who’s trying to collect reviews by lowering their prices to the minimum, but most legit developers charge more than this for a consultation.

I don’t know much about your project, but if you’re looking for seller to revamp or develop an entire site from scratch then you should probably invest around $300-500. That’s the kind of average price on Fiverr and believe it or not, it’s still 10 times lower than most agencies charge.

Obviously price alone doesn’t guarantee quality. You still need to interview your sellers in order to understand what you’ll get for that money. You should ask about the development process, which plugins or technical solutions will be used, how many checkpoints there are to ensure they keep you in the loop and the list goes on.

I’m sorry to hear that your seller didn’t deliver, but you could have avoided this. There are plenty of articles in this forum explaining how to find the right seller for our job request.


You are 100% right. I totally agree with you. But there are some buyers who want to get a full website with $30. The price reflects the seller quality. Ask questions to sellers are the best way to judge a seller.


Its aganst TOS
You can tell this to fiverr CS


“Cock with a pleasure” He might have been on to something. Thats a lot of clicks I assure you XD