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Do not waste your time with 5$ gigs


Hi everyone, This is my first time posting on the forum and I’ll love to help the newbies here. Its been almost a year I’ve been using Fiverr & I have learn’t a lot. I had a bad experience with a buyer.

The buyer posted a request around late November 2018. I sent an offer & even forgot I did. At that time I wasn’t really getting orders & was shooting at almost every gig related to my services (Translation, Business Naming and Brand Identity, Fashion Advice, Styling & Consulting).

In the request the buyer wrote ‘looking for a personal stylist to put together looks for a male. Please provide links to look books or any style profile that you have’’.

The buyer messaged me asked for pictures from Pinterest to see my sense of style for men. I thought okay this wasn’t from my portfolio anyways so I sent some reference. Before I could even read what on what he wanted to achieve he had already placed a 5$ order. His request & my gig didn’t correlate because he needed me to outsource outfits which wasn’t worth 5$. With all due respect I told him I’d have to charge extra. Next thing he cancels. I told him I’d do the work anyways so as to not affect my profile. I pleaded & pleaded, even told him to close the order I will issue a refund because I really value my work & won’t like to jeopardize my ratings. I wanted to be on a neutral ground with him. He then told me to go on with the order. I did the work & even gave bonuses. I delivered eventually and then he says cancel it its not what I want. He got free work & my order completion plummeted because I had no choice but to cancel the order.

Key points to take home newbies:

  • Work at your pace & don’t shoot at every gig nor work for cheap because you want to boost your profile and earn quick. I’ve been there & its not worth it.
  • Never give free samples, if a buyer asks for sample charge a fee of 5$. If they don’t accept it means they aren’t worth your time or even willing to pay you.
  • Finally the buyer seems to win here most times so be very careful using the buyer request section. Fix in the right price, amount of days, fixed revisions.
  • Once again, never work for cheap ! & take your time & offer real value. The real buyers will come.


Best regards to everyone & never let your positive energy be taken away! xoxo


This is really awesome to read. thanks a lot


Well the fact that you can’t cancel an order when something’s fishy just because you don’t want your completion rate to drop it’s plain ridiculous. This is a big issue that Fiverr needs to resolve since everybody is complaining about it.

And yeah, 5$ orders in general cause problems, even if the orders are not placed by error or bad intention. The ones who purchase cheap priced gigs are often more demanding, sometimes rude and problematic per total, at least that’s my personal experience. Good luck in the future.


Thank you for great and useful tips :slight_smile:


Yep you’re right at ridiculous. My fault for not realizing something was fishy. I’d love to write the user’s handle here so sellers can avoid this buyer (I don’t know if it’s allowed). Anyways I learn’t the hard way. Good luck to you too.


Thanks you & glad you it helps :slight_smile:


You’re welcome :slight_smile: Glad to help


Sorry to say but the heading of your topic doesn’t comply with the content.


Thank you. It’s not allowed to drop any names here.


Great, This really helpful…! Most of buyer looking for good quality with cheaper price and that reason they target to new seller.when new seller ready to work with that price and actually they don’t know their worth and time at time. even newbie never charge extra after client requirement changed
i always prefer to first clear buyer requirement first and attach those description when you send custom offer to buyer. and never hesitate to about price if you have great quality service.
till now i have some little bit of buyer but i never settle with quality and it’s price.


I really love this your words.

Thank you very much for your good advice. Already I faced most of things.


This is really awesome to read. thanks


The main thing is consume the content & not be a victim


You had a bad experience, but you’re going to have them whether you charge $5, $50, $500 or $5,000.

It is a myth that when buyers pay more, they expect less, and are easier to handle.

Also, it is my experience that Buyers Requests is a risky area, specially if you’re bidding at $5. You’re better off bidding at $20 and then maybe the buyer explains himself better, and you send him or her a second offer for $10.

I’m not a fan of Buyers Requests, because sometimes those orders result in refunds. I do like it when I find something that fits perfectly with what I do, but even then, there’s a chance that our dream client turns out to be a nightmare.


They don’t expect less but in general you get nicer less difficult clients. That’s my experience.
I’m talking about a substantial increase in your prices, not just going from $5 to $10. There is always a cutoff point for the difficult ones whether it’s $25 or $50, depending on what you sell and how good you are, where the more difficult clients won’t pay it and your life becomes easier.

It takes some experimenting with your prices to see what that point is where you still get enough orders but the difficult clients are almost gone.


Well, I’ll take your word for it. I will admit my last 1-star review came from a $5 order, and then next day I raised that price to $10.

I’ll say this, if I ever get a full-time job, I’ll raise all my basic prices to $50, get rid of one-day delivery, and see how I do.


They don’t expect less, but your pricing tends to determine the types of clients you attract.


Well, not only the heading is misleading but I see you also provide $5 services. If you think it’s a waste of time, then why you continue sticking to $5 services?

BTW, I have never had any issue with $5 orders and my buyers have ALWAYS been very nice and sweet. Nothing to complain from them!

Have a nice day :wink:


I’m simple man… I read the tittle and I simply said, “I Agree with you!”


We can keep in mind all of us start with $5 gig on the old tiimes, actually the old members raised his prices, but just a point "when we send offer to buyer request " usually in my case and as recomendation, send offer on the costs similars to my gigs, for example if one person needs a logo for $5 and my gig its $100 not send nothing, because its far away my expectations as customer.