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Do not waste your time with 5$ gigs


I agree with you 100%, thanks for :sunglasses:


thank you brother :slight_smile:


very true, given that many times, we want everything as quickly as possible. without valuing our work in the future. Successes!


Thank you ! Yes this is truth and big problem in this kind of business


i just had one of the worst experience with a buyer now. he sent me a message asking if i could write a recommendation letter for him within 6 hours, i said i could write it within 30 minutes, but it will cost him more than the regular $5 on my gig. we agreed on a fee but he went ahead to place the order for $5. the worse was he didn’t leave information as regards who was writing the letter, for who, and recommendation for what, those are the basic things i need to write a recommendation letter, he just stated in the requirement box “letter of recommendation” so as not to reduce my order completion rating i decided to do the job, i kept sending this buyer messages, but he didn’t reply any. i cancelled the order and he declined the cancellation. i had no choice but to submit without a letter. hoping that he would ask for a revised work and maybe put in the information i need then. but instead he marked the order as complete and gave me a bad review, the first bad review i have here on fiverr. he came to my chat box and said he’s glad he was the one who gave me my first bad review.
Fiverr needs to do something about this, i had another situation where a buyer ordered my gig by mistake and requested a cancellation, and i had to bear the cost of a mistake that wasn’t my fault


Fiverr is very strict right now with reviews but I think I’m your case you should still try your luck.

I had a look at his review and it just looks like a vendetta that you offered him more than 5$ price for urgent work so he decided to place a 5$ anyway to leave you a bad review (didn’t provide requirements, ignored messages, declined cancellation) at the end. Send them all screenshots and especially his last message to your inbox we’re he is bracing that he is glad he’s the first one.


Great advice! Thanks :slight_smile:


$5 order are fine as long as they are quick and simple anything else should be custom or add ons. You can get a bad client for any amount not just the $5 orders. Fiverrs response times and completion rate systems need an overhaul. You should not be penalised as a seller if its clear a buyer does not read your gigs properly.


This is seriously appalling


I doubt that will solve the situation. Speaking from experience I did send screenshots but eventually the buyer still had the favour from CS.


Thanks for sharing that, its really helpful. Greetings

Maria S.


I have joined fiverr last month and face the same situation. at that time i did’nt know what to do .I accept the order and complete the order in 3 days. when i deliver the work buyer said that i did not like your work so . i think he cheat me he likes the work because i do the exactly same that he order me.
at the end i cancel the order but i got very disheart from that i still did not know what to do with that kind of buyers.