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Do not waste your time with 5$ gigs

That is grea. Thanks dear :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

The reason I’ve removed all my $5 pricing and now all my gigs start at $10, apart from one where I offer transcription of 20 mins for $5.

Anyhow, I am sorry to hear about your case and really hope Fiverr adopts a mechanism to eliminate the sellers who are there to abuse the system.

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sad for me, my client stop ordering after I raise the cost

Yes, sometimes that happens when you raise prices. The important thing is to see if you can find your gig in the search results, then look at the prices of the gigs around it. If the highest price is $30 and the lowest is $10, I would price myself at $20.

If it’s a recurring client, you can offer him a custom offer, maybe give him a 20% discount.


@fastcopywriter Thanks for the response, do you also make a difference costs between the time needed and the complexity?

I hope so, too! In the meantime, I’ve found that raising my rates eliminated many problematic buyers. It has meant less orders, but also much less time spent responding to absurd inquiries, trying to get basic information from buyers, and having to jump through hoops before a client will accept the offer. So when I look at all the time I saved, which I can now use for other things, the cost of getting fewer sales evens itself out.


I think the answer would be yes. You can’t charge $5 for a task that takes 5-hours, unless you live in a part of the world where $5 is a lot of money.

So this is my recommendation:
Basic: A task that takes no more than 15 minutes to complete
Standard: 15-30 minute task
Premium: 30-60+ minutes

You can also have gig extras for extra revisions, extra time, etc.

As a seller I believe in finding a balance between a bargain and a high price, I seek an attractive price. Not too expensive, not too cheap.

So search your keywords and look at your competitors.


Any and all of my bad reviews came from my cheapest gigs. I have raised the prices of all but one (none of mine are $5)… and I am seriously thinking of raising this last one from $10 to $15. It seems like – from my own experience – buyers who are looking to spend the least amount possible, are most likely to give a less than stellar review, because the money means more to them than buyers who are willing to spend more (expecting a quality product.)


Thanks again for the response plus for the enlightenment, I’ll remake my description and costs soon as clear as you said because I’m doing this 100% for living and not just for fun.

Yeah that’s right…

Fantastic observation. We should all be evaluating our gig specifications this way.

I am new at fiverr. Thanks for your advice

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thanku so much for sharing your experience.

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Thank you. It’s very motivating.:blush:


Honestly speaking when I raise the cost client stop ordering & gig fall down from first page.

Because when you adding changes changes on your gig it’s temporarily removed from the search before it’s being approved. I highly doubt that it has any connection with price.

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Noted and Thanks :slight_smile:

the best time to make changes in your profile is when you have 8 orders in queue. As you gonna get 8 reviews which will ultimately take your gig back to the top :slight_smile:

The orders should be delivered on same day

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I started out with all $5 gigs and when I got my first order I upped the price on that gig to $10. Shortly after that, I increased the price on another gig to $10. Eventually, within 3-4 months I had gigs at various prices, but always tried to keep at least 1 at $5, just because this is 5R. Many come here looking for $5 work and don’t know that the prices have been opened up.

Some sellers say it’s not necessary to have gigs priced at $5, and it’s not now that 5R has opened up the pricing. I like to keep one at $5 though, because I like the original concept of the $5 gig. A seller does not have to devalue his/her work by charging $5. Just find something to do or break off a part of your skills that is worth only $5 and sell it if you want to have a $5 gig(s). I think it’s important to have a variety of price points too, no matter what price you charge. Good luck to you!

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