Do only TOP SELLERS get regular orders per month these days? (secret poll inside)


With most new, level 1 and even level 2 sellers complaining about not getting orders for months, (and even for years to some :hushed:) what do you think is the reason behind it? Are the top sellers in your category of work getting all the orders (including those impressive long list of order queues that I always wonder how the heck they manage to deliver on time lol… one single individual cannot do such a task of handling 20 to 30 queued up orders).

Here’s a poll:

  • Yes, Top sellers are major crowd pullers these days
  • No, Level 1 & 2 sellers aren’t trying hard enough!
  • Level 1 & 2 sellers are as much talented as top dogs, it’s just because of the Buyer’s mentality of trusting sellers with TOP label first.
  • New sellers are blessed with great sacrificial talents. They regularly help repel buyers away from them early on, by constant spamming in Buyer’s request section
  • New sellers don’t bother going through Fiverr academy or podcasts
  • Some Level 2 sellers are more successful and make more money than top guns.
  • Because New sellers introduce themselves in “improve my gigs” section instead of “New user introduction” section and let everyone know that they are not getting orders. (another sacrificial technique)

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I would have taken the poll, but there just weren’t any options that I really agreed with. I suppose this is just based on my personal experience, but I’m level one and I have to turn work away because I get more than I can handle. My most popular package is 120 page book so I can’t take on more than 8 orders a month. Every time a spot in my que opens, it’s filled almost right away. Then again, I’ve only been on fiverr as a seller since February maybe my orders slump just hasn’t come yet :stuck_out_tongue:


I am getting close to 1 order a day. I work hard to please my customers, as well as spend a lot of time on other venue’s, marketing and utilizing SEO, social media, and the like. I am faring pretty good for someone who just started a little over a month ago. Already Level 1 seller, close to Level 2 at this point.

You just have to work hard at it. You can’t just make a gig and post it on Twitter and think everyone will flock to you.


Wow, congrats! @lucycodex :slight_smile:
Well, you write erotic stories so clients can’t help but flock at you :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:


I get 3-12 orders a day and its usually never my cheapest package. I think anyone can get orders if they are serious about working hard.


@uncarved that’s 26 queued up orders and you have 26 day delivery mate. That’s very smart timing eh

So, you can finish 1 order within a day


I have been here for 18 months and have some buyers who buy almost weekly, around 30-40 regular buyers who buy at least once or twice per month. I have other repeat buyers who buy less regularly too.
When I am here for 3-7 years like the TRS sellers with huge queues then I will have a huge queue just like them. They got where they are by working for it, adjusting their gigs over time to suit the market, delivering top quality work consistently. Perhaps some are lucky, perhaps some “get away with it” but the badge does not do as much as people may think it does.

Anyone seeking to get that success needs to stop focusing on those who have the success and instead focus on their own business.


No I have 52 in my queue right now with all the gigs. I turn in 3 to 15 orders a day.


Very well said sir and I completely agree with you. A seller’s Badge/Rating shouldn’t be only considered when purchasing a gig (maybe for the first time buyer who is unaware of seller’s capabilities), but the quality of work that a seller puts in day in and day out… that counts more :slight_smile:


Just wow. So, you’re a full time seller. How many hours do you work per day?


Right now four hours a day. However I’m expanding on the first of July and I figure that will bring me to five hours every day.


Thank you for sharing your work ethics… I appreciate it

People will surely get some inspiration from a hard working level 2 seller like you :slight_smile:

I am a part- time seller here on Fiverr but I am blessed have gotten a chance to work in the same field outside of Fiverr. (i.e music production). I work 8 hours per day :slight_smile:

I am still new here but look forward to the day when I too get consistent flow of orders (when people start recognizing my talents).

Currently on 1 gig, I will soon introduce more gigs in my category, which has never been introduced before.

btw, What do you think about introducing multiple gigs relating to the same category of work? Does it help in gaining more exposure?


I think it helps when someone wants more “niche targeted” things. Seeing a gig for “boosting your SCIFI book” when you write scifi may mean more than seeing “boosting your book”.


How do you promote your gigs?


Facebook and a few private messageboards / forums


I’ve often had 20-30+ orders in my queue, and I am a single individual completing all orders. It is not at all impossible to handle, you just need a system… and a good worth ethic.


Woah! Someday I will have a queue like that one! Meanwhile, I am not getting orders :joy: , but I know that this is part of the process. :slight_smile:


I’m level 2 and frequently have orders backed up. Not as many as 30-40 (I have a limit on 5 so I can provide quality over quantity). I work around 4-5 hours a day depending on the day and what needs doing. I don’t think there is any real rhyme or reason to it… promote, start small, work your way up. I’ve been doin this over a year and haven’t often found there’s a slump for more than a week or ten days.


Still new here and finally starting to see some movement in my message box about my gigs. Sure, I wish I had more orders but I’m enjoying this slow start. It allows me some time to perfect my skills and really give the buyer personal attention. My best and favorite sales are custom gigs from inquiries. I hope it stays consistent like this and I reach level 1 soon.

I was just about to delate a gig I had sitting in my profile for weeks with 0 view and 0 sales. Suddenly I get one buyer who messages me for a huge custom order. It defiantly makes up for the weeks of no views. I was just a click away from deleting it when I decided to have my dinner first and think about perhaps just editing it instead. As soon as I finished cooking. my phone buzzes with a message about the gig.

…Oh the ironic power of Fiverr


Exactly what I thought when I voted: many of us seeing Level 2 sellers who are outperforming TRS’.

And what’s worse and can’t explain to myself, is seeing some fresh Level 2 sellers offering the same thing that I’ve been offering for 7 years (but with poorer quality and not much work, but rather basic or free automated stuff) and still get way more orders than I’ve had in the last year.

I don’t know what to think… :disappointed_relieved: I mean, I’ve invested months and months of research & planning into my gigs, creating highly quality work as reflected in my multitude of reviews, making my work more personalized than it was in the past, and then I see newbies offering similar things with no hard work or investing time like I have, and still get more orders than me. (Someone even told me that my location/country is putting off buyers, I mean, really?!)

I even saw a few copycats who got more orders than me - am I dreaming? Is the world turning upside-down?

How can one cope with all this upside-down of things?