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Do order cancel it is will be automatically late

Hello everyone

Also some order received behind my scope. When this order do cancel automatically do late Whats do action in this situation plz?

My delivery time 24 hrs

I do cancel after buyers will be agree after 24 hrs. this is a issue. I have a received warning message about late. But I did cancel it. whats that action ???

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if the order is cancelled, you still get a “late” warning.

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no. Buyer is Still do not agree cancel but order is late warning

If you get late delivery and do not deliver it on and you receive warning for Fiverr,
and during the late if buyer cancel the order then you will get a negative review automatically
So beware this situation,

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Thanks. I told it is not a my mistakes. Buyers can be order behind my scope.When I do cancel order will be warning message about late.

  1. delivery without correct files and after cancel
    if do this action can be TOS warning message.

  2. when I cancel without delivery received warning message about late order

It is your responsibility to work this out with a buyer. It is not something Fiverr or the buyer has to do for you. If you ask for a cancelation, it would still be a penalty on your stats if you don’t complete the job. If the buyer doesn’t want to cancel and you run late, you get the penalty for not delivering the job. Eventually, it will automatically be canceled if you let it go, but you will get a serious 1-star negative review from Fiverr.

These type of issue are all considered the seller’s problem. That isn’t always perfect, but it’s a fact.

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Thank you very much!

received waring message after cancel It is will be issue for my account. I don’t know whats this system. There are some problem

Came TOS warning message about late. But It is not a my problem. I don’t know whats solution

My complete rate is 97%

  • If you cancel a job because you can’t do it, Fiverr considers that your problem no matter what the reason.

  • If a buyer declines to cancel because they don’t want to cancel, Fiverr considers that your problem.

  • If there is no cancelation and you don’t deliver, you get a ToS warning for being late. That is your problem. The order will eventually run late and the order will be canceled. Fiverr will leave you a negative review.

That may or may not be fair, but that’s how the system works.

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Thank you sir. Can are you give me whats best solution for this action?

Received a order behind my scope I will cancel without delivery order. but buyer don’t agree within my time frame so order will be late. Is this best solution for it?

Thank you.But came a warning message

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now is okay.But I will send it future.

Thanks for all! …

The first warning messenger send me yesterday. I don’t delivery without correct attached files after. warning message re received and reduce level 2 from 1 level. whats that? How do ???Capture

I assume this is related to your situation yesterday? It sounds like you either didn’t deliver that order since you considered it out of scope, or you tried to deliver an empty or partial order.

no sir. Can I send you image of my last delivery these via please?


I am not a sir. If you want to post a screenshot of something with the buyers name blurred or marked out, you can post it.