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Do other US sellers have this problem?

Hello again I have been around and since yesterday I have had 3 private messages talking to people and one guy told me what I’m charging is 6000 dollar (75usd)… but I’m charging half of what I charge offline (normally 35 dollars an hour) and I was offering 4 hours of my actual time plus all the time it would have taken to do the gig, I’m just wondering because people are obviously interested in what I’m selling, but charging 5 dollars an hour for my time is totally not worth it (Mcdonalds pays 15 an hour) please give me some advice fellow fiverrs

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What’s the question, or the problem? Buyers expecting you to charge less than you’re asking??


well do you ever get people coming to you and talking for like 3 hours knowing full well what the price was set then you offer them a custom order to exactly what they want and they say its way to much and they want like 4 times the amount of stuff for the same price and the customer order is the same price as the package they were trying to order,(greedy people it seems)

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Yes. Maybe not the 3 hour talk-time, but yes. Many buyer want more for less. It’s the nature of the platform and freelance, in general. You are not obligated to justify or even quantify the reasons for your rates and services. Those are unique to sellers. You have an insight that a lot of sellers don’t and that is that you have fiverr-rates and non-fiverr rates (for projects not on Fiverr). That means you know the difference, but your non-fiverr rates don’t apply to fiverr. You can’t forget what you know and what you believe is fair, but fiverr is a different animal and the ecosystem allows buyers to negotiate and often undervalue a sellers work. It happens to many, if not all, of us.

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Thank you again for your response, that does surprisingly make me feel better I was just worried that no matter how much work I do including promotion ill never make decent money. I figured my real rate wouldn’t fly at all so I cut it from 35 to 15 which is minimum wage :slight_smile: but I understand that this is a multinational platform but the average over the system is like 4.34 an hour but that doesn’t seem right

Being approached by penny-pinchers and cheapskates happens.

It is entirely up to the seller to price themselves and also entirely up to the seller to be willing (or entirely unwilling) to offer their services at a discounted rate.

Just be careful. If a new potential buyer asks for discounts, then they don’t see you as being worth what you say you are. A big warning flag. Such clients have a nasty tendency to also be incredibly demanding and picky.