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Do others see paused gigs?


I have currently paused my gigs for a while. But couple times in the forum I noticed people saying what are in my gig descriptions.

Is it possible to view paused gigs by a user and does it change depending on their level in the forum?

I will really appreciate your help. Thanks in advance.



Hi Shifan,
Your profile appears empty to me.
There’s a Preview Public Mode option on your profile page right under your photos and tagline, that might be helpful in case you wanted to check how your profile appears publicly.


It is. They can be found if someone has links to them, and they can be found via Google, too.

It has nothing to do with the forum. Anyone can do it.


Hi znamide,

Thank you very much for your help. I normally check in the Public mode, but was little skeptic after reading some comments on the forum. Thank you for checking link and letting me know.

Best Regards,


Hello catwriter,

Thank you for the feedback. I really didn’t know the gigs could be accessed even after pausing them. I hope the Google cache will clear them. I did a quick search on google, it is amazing how my personal information, that I didn’t use with Fiverr are integrated.

Best Regards,


It might if you delete them, but paused gigs still exist, so I’m not sure they’ll disappear from Google cache.