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Do payments here work like escrow?

When I make a payment once we agree on the gig, which will take 3 weeks to complete, as I understand the seller won’t get a cent until I agree that the project is complete and fully functional?

In the meantime, the money won’t be in my account either, it will just be frozen by fiverr?

Which would make fiverr escrow of sorts, and it’s necessary for safe transactions. Is this how it works?

Basically, yes.

You can click “Help & Support” in the main site’s footer, and find detailed articles on how everything works there.

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For the most part yes. If you try to get more work out of a Seller than what’s agreed, they have the right to say ‘no’ and/or charge you extra for any additional work that was not in the scope of the original order.

Be sure to be clear in exactly what you expect from your Seller. (This includes how you define ‘complete’ and ‘functional’.) It can save both parties a LOT of headaches.

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