Do people actually want coaching?


I’m a new seller and have experience as a top-tier collegiate track and field athlete but it doesn’t seem that anyone is interested in my services on social media. I get likes and such, but no hits. I also have military experience and advertise that I can help with military prep but it doesn’t really seem to catch on. Any advice is welcome.


Hi there!

No idea I’m afraid - did you do any sort of market research? Your packages look good, but you can’t offer anything that takes longer than 30 days, so your 24 hour package can be delivered in 1 day, your one month package in 30 days, not sure about a lifetime one though.

You’ve mentioned these:
Possible Guidance Includes:
Training Plans/Training Cycle Creation
Training Adjustment
Help with Finding the Perfect Race for you!
Health, Diet and Supplementation Advice
US Army PFT (Physical Fitness Test) Preparation
Advice and Guidance
And Anything Else Needed!

Could you offer these as individual gigs? You can have up to 7 when you start.

Skype, Phone Communication or Email are accepted as methods of communication. - Be careful - Fiverr really only allows communication via Fiverr messaging, skype can be used with CS permission. Don’t think phone’s allowed.

Hope this helps and good luck! :sunny:


Thank you for the help! I’m very new to this and did not know those mistakes! I’ll re-adjust the packages to fit better duration. I think maybe adding a premium option with mental strength training/resiliency training might be a way to set me apart mixing in my military background. Thank you for the ideas!
I’ll be sure to fix the methods of communication too.


Sadly, I have no idea whether folks want coaching. Same as offlinehelpers.

Your gig does seem to be crying out for a video, though. If I saw you standing in front of the camera, in great shape, talking passionately about fitness, motivating me to reach my goals, I’d be far, FAR more likely to buy your gig.

Nothing wrong with your pics. I just think a video would be more effective.


Thank you! I have a great idea in mind. Still getting things up and running. Very excited :slight_smile:


This forum might be a good coach


Yeah, it’s great being a freelancer. You sink or swim on your own ideas.

The hardest thing for us is we’re all offering something abstract. The customer can’t pick it up, try it on, feel it, smell it. Our products are only vague ideas in their minds. And vague ideas don’t really inspire people.

The more we’re able to make our products concrete, the more successful we are.

Good luck on Fiverr. It’s a cool place. :slight_smile:


It can be difficult to get people to buy through social media contact however you might find that sending people to your Fiverr gigs may make it more attractive to them. I suggest putting your Fiverr profile link on images you share, in the description of your posts and in your about sections. No need to push them to it, just make it easily available to them if they have any interest. Those who have some interest can then get the full details from your Fiverr gig - Fiverr is great for this purpose; focusing the mind and defining exactly what the fee is and what they get for that fee.
One thing that can put people off personal trainer type services is not knowing the price/service clearly so make sure your gig defines everything in black and white.


Thank you! I will start using the link as part of some of my social media posts and such after big wins! Good idea! I’m going to continue editing my description/etc to make things more concrete as well. Thank you again!


In addition to the other good suggestions here, you can offer buyers a recurring monthly coaching service if they continue to purchase your gig every month. Somewhere you could mention that to them.

I think your service would do well using skype for personal one on one coaching.


That’s a great suggestion! I’m not sure how to make it happen yet, but I just added it into the FAQ section :slight_smile: Thank you!


In case you aren’t aware of this-- just want to let you know that each time you make changes to your gig, it disappears from the search for a few days. My suggestion is therefor to decide on all the changes you are planning to make, make a list, then edit everything all at once. :panda_face:


Wow. I did not know that. I think I’m about done with changes. Thank you for the information!