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Do people actually work for such low prices?

I was casually going through buyer requests and I found this one which immediately captured my attention.

  • the budget as seen is $40 (no chance of changing lol)
  • native English speakers only
  • 10k words in 7-10 days
  • compelling plot
  • 100% original
  • high quality
    Just for $40

The lowest price in the market for writing is for sure $10 per 1k words.

Do people actually do this sort of work? The last time I checked, 7 offers were sent.


I love the bit about “include the phrase White Flower so that we know you’ve read this”.

So now we have to use code words to get work! How very James Bond… :wink:

We had someone the other day invite us to ‘audition’ for a $5 order by sending them a sample read of their project. We’d be notified within the week if we’d been ‘successful’ in getting their $5 order. :expressionless:

Sadly, some sellers will be willing to work for these rates. They may be from countries where that’s good money for the work, or inexperienced and wanting any opportunity for a review, or naive.

Or they could be a chancer who bids on everything, will deliver poor quality work, and this buyer will become one of the many people I see calling Fiverr a ‘scam’.


Many might do it who are in need of work.

Those who are already going good will surely not do it!

This is simple answer because in my niche people even do work at 5 for a work which can't be done in less than say 100 and it takes days to complete the work but many do it.

Then about quality that is the secondary question LOL!

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Obviously it depends person to person if anyone in need and don’t have any order he might go for but yes for new seller they have to get it done in order to get more traffic on their gigs.

Expect a ranting buyer on the forum to complain about how useless Fiverr sellers are within 8-11 days.


Some who is optimistic enough (or naive) will do that underpaid job.

Seriously? :joy:

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There’s no way that the buyer is going to get a positive outcome from this.

You would think that even the buyer would realise that any seller with the kind of skills, background and experience they’re looking for would be fully aware that this is a terrible proposition, and that they would be much better off self-publishing their stories instead.


Did you see that the $40 is to include Fiverr fees?
I was going to send an offer until I saw that. The additional $2 fee is just too much for their budget.

Edit: ^^Visual representation of the number of red flags in the request^^


I hate this habit. I hate it with all my soul. I can’t stand it. I can’t.

:bomb: :skull_and_crossbones: :zap: :dagger: :boar:


It’s something to help prevent the template responses that don’t fully read it though. Maybe Fiverr should create a better way of doing it.

Don’t forget boys and girls to put in your applications quickly so you do not miss out on this amazing offer. Not only can you gain the chance to work 7 days straight with no sleep but you can be assured that all your hard work will have pride of place on amazon where you will be amazed to see this person taking credit for all your work. I strongly encourage every mek sell to apply for this immediately.


I quote myself, this time only: :arrow_down:


The alternative is mostly template responses that the buyer has to check to (try to) see if they have really read it or Fiverr comes up with it’s own method (such as a re-captcha thing that confirms something about the request but without the buyer needing to put some request for some phrase).

eg. it could be something like 90 or 95% of responses to buyer requests in the buyer requests section are just template responses that aren’t addressing what the buyer is asking for (and the seller hasn’t actually read it properly - but is the same thing they send to all users who send requests related to their gig.

So something like that (some sort of recaptcha thing by Fiverr eg. “enter the 5th word of the request” or something) is probably needed in the buyer requests section for sellers when sending offers, but not when a buyer is normally communicating with a seller (eg. a buyer asking an individual seller to send them an offer/if they can do the work).

They can force to do that until the sellers became blue in the face, and still end up with nothing.
The buyer requests, as far as I recall, are broadcasted too fast - you can see a request collecting 15-20 replies in five minutes - and there is a limit on the number of replies that can be received by level 0 sellers. As a result, the dumbest are more often than not in the front row seats.


But my suggestion would help ensure that the sellers sending the offers have at least read some of the request (they could also make it so it helped ensure they’ve read the whole request before sending the offer). Fiverr could also adjust the maximum amount of offers (or even remove the current maximum) and do other stuff to reduce the number of offers that don’t actually address the request. They could also put in code to detect if the exact or almost the exact same offer is being sent to many requests by sellers.

They need to change the way BR requests works because of those offers being sent too fast and it reaching their max too quickly (there’s no real need for that max) because it doesn’t give time for many/enough well written offers to be sent by level 0 sellers.

I like it, it makes me laugh. That’s supposed to be healthy, so at least one thing I get out of the time spent on vaguely reading such requests in passing.

Tell them it’s your forum anniversary in addition to “White Flower”, maybe you’ll be considered then. Happy forum anniversary, Mark! :cake: :coffee:


But the request is asking for “at least 10,000 words” though isn’t 10,000 a bit short? Shouldn’t it be a lot more than that for it to sell well unless it’s multiple stories in one book, which it doesn’t seem to be from the request.


Exactly that. :joy:

What’s even funnier is how extremely picky are these people. I mean, don’t you dare deliver anything less than a best seller in a week. I mean, I’m paying you a fortune! :rofl: I want the best writers in the world, know what I mean?

It’s like me expecting to buy a car with 40$, that is also working, and in good state. It better not be scratched! ZERO TOLERANCE TO JUNK CARS!

That’s so funny. You can’t even buy a decent horse carriage with 40$, let alone a car. I mean 10k book. You can barely buy a decent book cover with $40! :joy:

To the buyer that created that request: good luck finding a book with that money that isn’t generated by a software. You will need it!

In my opinion, in this case, is irrelevant. Someone that is really poor could want to work for this fee for whatever reason, but I doubt they can create a successful 10k book. This requires a lot of mental effort, and not many people have the ability to craft such things. And those that are able to do it, they realized instantly how valuable is what they do, seeing what effort it requires. I started to write a couple of years ago, and I had no idea what I’m doing. I struggled to get my first 500 words text.

It’s like asking someone to build me a house with 100$. Even if get them all the materials they need. The sheer effort and excellence required to do that makes you realize that this job is worth a LOT of money.

If someone is broke, they write articles for 5$ or something like that, until they get some reviews, then increase their prices. :+1:

You are right. 10k is a very short book. It barely scratches the surface of being called a book. But some people publish 10k books for some reason. :slight_smile:


Yes, unfortunately people does.

I already saw sellers who offer to remove background of objects, 50 removals for $5. I offer 1 removal for $5.

Some sellers are paying for work, but may be looking to build a good profile here.


Probably there’s some blog or course saying 10K is the ideal length for a book nowadays, adapted to the sinking attention span of humankind.

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