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Do people even read anymore?

I took a break from Fiverr for a few months. I come back and my first gig order is from some moron who can’t read.

Rant #1

3 places in my gig description in big bold highlighted words I say “mandatory that you must send me a message first before ordering your gig so I can make sure what you want done is possible” but no… dude has to order it anyways and of course it is something that can’t be done and now he don’t want to respond - so now I got mutual cancellation in process. Idiots like this shouldn’t even be allowed on Fiverr.

Rant #2

Guy does the right thing and asks me first. I tell him I would look into it. Turns out to be a more advanced gig and I do the legwork anyways on a test site of mine to see if what he wanted was possible. It is, so I tell him to order 3 gigs and he comes back and says he won’t pay more than 1 gig for it… told him to screw off.

Gigs are are now paused. I’m done with dealing with idiots who are disrespectful and can’t read!!!


Good luck everyone I’m freaking done here.

cheer up, life is a beauty.

You had just one person not read. The second person just did not wish to pay that much for the gig. Does not make him an idiot to be honest!