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Do people ever buy your Gig Extras

Ever since I joined, none of my gig extras have ever been bought. I think people just prefer the custom offer request.
Or may be I never learned to do it right…

You really have to make those gig extras important for success. I also like to reference them in my extra images and description. The more arrows you can point to them, the better!

I know I haven’t been doing that. That must be the reason for my gig Extra flops.

Almost all the time. It rarely happens that people buy just the basic gig. I think you need to craft the extras in such a way that people will WANT to buy them. It is all about strategically using the extras feature to make people realise that the final product delivered to them will be of a much greater value to them.
And most of the times it is difficult to provide some services for the basic price anyway. So you break up the features in the extras.

This sounds like something I should learn. I knew I wasn’t doing it right. I will start testing out different things for my gigs.