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Do people flag your gig to decrease competition?

Hi, in a nustshell my gig was about to play a video game for people who don’t have time of enought skill to get something they wanted in game. At the time i started this Gig i was the only one on the website to provide this service, i had a lot of orders and satisified customers. I had also a lot of peoples not reading the description so they would asking to do things i did not wanted to do or basically annoying me with certain demands with a lot of constraints.

I decided to change the description of my gig so i don’t have to deal with this kind of demands anymore, the gig was pending for aproval and then i received a message telling me i “violated the TOS”. Like i said i was the only one to provide this service when i created it and now there are a loads of people providing this service, i had the advantage of having lot of positive reviews which they don’t have.

So my question is do other seller report your gig so it has more chances to be removed for them to have more chances to get orders from the peoples who used to buy my service or the peoples i said i wouldn’t work for them ? Considering the amout of people provoding the service i don’t know why my gig had to be removed and denied for “violating the TOS”

PS: contrary to others new seller who created their Fiverr account just for this kind of gig i was already on the website for 2 years as a serious buyer. Even if i wanted to recreate this gig to be more "suitable " for this website i would lost all my good review and i would be lost in a sea of other “new” seller and user of Fiverr

PS 2: I earned more than 500 dollars for this work, i’m pissed.

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If you play the videogame in place of other people, I guess it means you need to have access to their personal accounts, and sharing personal information is against the ToS. So when you changed your description you probably worded it in a way that alerted Fiverr that you were doing something potentially against the ToS and they removed it.

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We can’t possibly know what other sellers did or didn’t do.

Sellers can report a competitor’s gig, sure. Anyone can report any gig. However, if the gig isn’t violating the ToS, it’s unlikely that it’s going to be removed, unless there’s a mistake.