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Do people not read the gigs? Honestly?

My gig states to contact me prior to ordering so we can map out preferences. I hate when people just go ahead and order and it all piles up. On top of that I have someone who is unresponsive as well so the order is just going to end up not being on time due to the lack of response.

People are so weird.


Now this :point_up_2: , is an absolute nightmare to handle specially here in Fiverr…and yes I agree, people are weird sometimes :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

True, there are some buyers who really don’t read the Gig description. Same thing happened to me before.

Recently, a number of people messaged me that wanted to use what they’ll order for commercial use, when I said it in my Gig description/FAQ that I won’t offer products for commercial use (and that they read the description and FAQ before ordering).

They probably ignore descriptions especially if they’re long. Though, if they want a job done right and on time, they should take their time to read the description first.

Sometimes they don’t even read the title, and order something that you don’t provide.

On the other hand, Fiverr was designed so that the buyer can order quickly. No matter what you write in the description, the buyer doesn’t have to contact you before placing the order.


And then we have “legends” who place an order by mistake. :joy:


And there is a mad buyer who want to leave bad rating at the first place :cold_face:

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Yep, mostly buyers not read the gigs description (including the price). The buyer just predicting their own price and mad if the seller won’t do the project with their price.

Note: Well, I’m not able to do a day or 7 days project for less than $80.

Sad but true. They don’t read. Recently I got an order and the buyer is one of those people who don’t know what they want but they want it right now.