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Do people really earn from Fiverr?


It’s been more than 5 months and I’m still in the same place from where I started. It’s kinda disappointing for me that even after doing so much effort, I couldn’t be able to get a single order.
But, am not giving up. I’m still struggling and keep myself improving :’)
and then every time I ask myself, “Do people really earn from fiverr” ?


Did you tried to promote your gig somewhere? Did you tried Buyer Request section? What efforts are you making? It’s good that you have hope and you are not giving up but do efforts that has a good affect on your business.

Obviously people earn from Fiverr that’s why they are here. :slightly_smiling_face:

Wish you best of luck for your future. :+1:


I had a quick look at your gigs and I’m not sure what have you done during the past 5 months.
You’ve made quite a lot of mistakes that newbies make

  • Weak portfolio (you can upload 3 images and a video, you’ve used one slot)
  • Template gig descriptions that don’t really explain the value of your service
  • Unlimited revisions
  • 1 week after care promise
  • Heck, you don’t even know how to write WordPress :slight_smile:

It’s a tough love and you might even see it as harsh feedback, but if you really want to make a sale you need to start reading this forum. There are literally hundreds of posts explaining how to improve your gigs.


I’m sorry to hear about what you’re facing, people do earn from Fiverr. It’s really a great platform, you just need to make sure to work hard enough, optimize your gigs and make sure you’re reaching your target audience.

If you’re just beginning, I would recommend focusing your effort on sending worth reading buyer requests to the ones whom you think will be interested in your service. Also, keeping an eye on your gigs and optimizing them will help in the long term!

To be honest, I never promoted my gigs outside of the platform. A forum member (that I can’t remember his name) once said, why promote your gigs outside while your audience are already inside the platform? And things are actually going pretty well! So if you don’t have the money yet to promote, perhaps think about it in a later stage. Just focus on making sure that you’re providing the right service for the right audience.

Good luck! :high_brightness:


Explain exactly what you mean by this or people will not know how to advise you.
What effort have you made?
Name the 3 biggest things you have done that were a big effort.
You say you “keep improving yourself”, name 3 things you have improved on since you started and how.

People talk a lot about making an effort but then don’t even have the basics (like @uxreview pointed out). It makes me wonder what it is they are doing.


I don’t really earn, no. It’s a side job for me. My main income is through my websites, friends, referrals, and me marketing on small markets with unexploited niches where people don’t even speak English.


I’ve started last year in July, so almost one year has passed and I am close to reaching my 10,000$ milestone. I don’t think it’s that much for one year worth of fairly hard work (though I had a total of - I think - 4 months being on vacation mode because of university) but it’s definitely a good start I’d say. When I first started I didn’t expect to earn more than some 20$ within half a year but I think perseverance pays off. :slight_smile:


Yes i tried to promote my gig on other platforms. I get totally irrelevant buyers request, what can i do for it? It’s not in my control.


I’ve seen many gigs with only 1 gig image having more than 100 reviews. how do they get orders?
What’s the point in unlimited revisions? Shouldn’t we do revisions until client satisfaction?
Talking about WordPress? You might not have seen but there are many gigs with not even proper English and grammar, still they get orders daily? Lastly, Do you really think that client will not order me just because I wrote small ‘p’ in WordPress?
Still, i don’t mind and i appreciate that you pointed out some mistakes which I’ll look closely.


Lucky you :slight_smile:


I don’t think it has much to do with luck. I think success on fiverr depends on what niche you are working in, what you offer, your competition, how hard to work and how willing you are to actually be creative.


You don’t have 100 reviews to vouch for your service. You need every opportunity you can get to showcase your work. Once you get a few hundred reviews you’ll have enough returning clients that it doesn’t even matter what you have in your portfolio :slight_smile:

Unlimited revisions usually mean either you’re desperate or you are not really good at what you do.
Do you think customers like to ask 10+ revisions or even have time for it? Besides, if you do a search here you’ll find plenty of posts from sellers who got scammed by buyers who kept asking for revisions to get free work. Offering unlimited revisions is a newbie mistake and you’ll notice that most senior sellers don’t do it for a good reason. (There are exceptions of course, but it’s a matter of time before they end up with a scammer)

Some clients don’t even know what WordPress is, but the point I was making is that you should know how to write it and if you haven’t noticed it during the 5 months you’ve been here then it raises the question how much effort have you really put into your gigs.

Look, I’m not trying to bash your gigs here, but you’re questioning do people even make money here because you haven’t made much during the past 5 months. Well, I was trying to say in a very direct and honest way that you haven’t really done much during those 5 months. If you want to take this seriously then you need to put some effort into it.


I appreciate your advise regarding unlimited revisions and will surely change it.

I got your point, and of course, i know that people earn from Fiverr, I just said that line in a sarcastic way. I accept that my efforts weren’t as good as it could be, but yes I kept changing gig descriptions, created gig images by myself and all that stuff and at one point I even deleted my whole account and created this one. I thought maybe this would help lol, but unfortunately, I couldn’t get much.


That is sad but i think you are not doing something right. Try going through the profile of the best sellers that sell the same gig with you, don’t copy their work but from there you can figure out it’s not working for you.


I do this usually and the only thing I find different are their gig images.


If you are promoting gigs and still not getting any results that means that there’s something with your gig which is stopping other’s. Try modifying your gig’s description, images etc.

I think you have selected incorrect category for your gig that’s why… Well don’t Worry! Sometimes there are irrelevant but not always, keep checking for buyer requests after every 1 or 2 hours. Secondly you can make more gigs to overcome this matter.

Good Luck! :+1:


New sellers who come to fiverr seem not to realize they are competing with more than 1 million sellers, and think they will come here getting many orders.

Great part of those who complain have:

  1. Weak/amateur portfolio;
  2. PAINT (amateur) created covers;
  3. Copied covers/description;
  4. Non original content;
  5. Poor grammar (I don’t blame sellers, but most of buyer speak fluent English and want a good communication);
  6. Offer services that cant be performed perfectly;
  7. Don’t promote their gig (or try to promote this are Buyers Request section);
  8. Instead promote their gigs in social medias (outside fiverr), many ask other buyers to get some service;
  9. etc, etc. etc.

I don’t know if people realize, but they are competing with the best online/remote freelancers in the world. I’m not saying there is no other place to offer online freelancing service, but fiverr for sure the the most competitive one.

You can succeed and earn a lot at fiverr, but you must be professional in every aspect.


This can’t work because he doesn’t have the rep they have, lol.


Yes, Maximum people earns from Fiverr as it’s a great market place for freelancers.

As you are not getting any results from Fiverr so I request you to create some professional gigs with high quality offers including in your gig.

Edit or create new gigs with clear concept about your work with eye catchy gig pics and description.

Hope it will help you.


How can you say this (I am a Video or photo editor if you are interested please contact me)
Telling a buyer if he is interested he can contact you?
Another thing is, Why are you using OR Instead use AND
I think you should improve that and write something good like. *I’m a professional Video and Photo Editor. Contact me and you will get the best…