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Do possible sellers see my attachments?


I’m a buyer. I like to post a custom request in order to get the right seller for my needs.

When posting a new request, sometimes I have to attach more than one file. Fiverr allows me to do so, but I’ve been having doubts about if the sellers can see and download all the attached files, because when I see my request in the request menu, I can only see one of the attached documents.

My question is: Can the sellers see all the attached files when viewing my custom request?

Thanks in advanced.

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I can’t!

Since I came from my holiday, I’ve been able to only see the first one. Buyers could mention more files in their request which are always absent as of now. This might be a site-wide bug, now that you make me think of it.

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On the website they can only see the first attachment. They should be able to see multiple attachments (if it has them) if they can use the Fiverr app.


Thank you both for your responses. This concerns me because it might lead to misunderstandings when quoting and accepting orders. Hope it can be fixed!

OMG, I dod not know that. I would never assume that an app was more conducive to Pro work than a proper screen. I had noticed that sometimes BR indicated several attachments but there was only one. Bad, bad, bad.

To the OP, why not research some likely providers based on offered Gigs? Look at their skills and Contact them with this info. I know I far prefer being contacted this way than through cattle calls where there is no clear idea what the deliverable needs to be, let alone the subtleties of the job that only a genuine conversation unveils.


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I would never assume that an app was more conducive to Pro work than a proper screen.

And you’re right. I’ve only used Fiverr on PC and all of the attachments have been shown to me until now. It stopped 2-ish days ago.

Aaah, so maybe it is just another of their rolling bugs.