Do Reviews Really Matter? 💔 💖


This is a serious question.

Do sellers really care what is written on the review? As long as you get 5 :star: , it seems what’s written doesn’t really matter. Most buyers just write, “Good job” or “Fast delivery” or something similar; short & simple.

I’m thinking about following suit. It’s time consuming to stop and think about what to write, how to write it, etc. Earlier this year, I created a post on how to write a review, but now I’m thinking, it matters little.


I am disappointed when I get a short and sweet review. It tells me nothing. I like to know what the buyer liked about my gig so I can keep doing just that. Of course, I like to see 5 :star2: too. :star_struck:


I don’t think about reviews although sometimes if it’s really extravagant praise it feels like a tip and makes me smile.:balloon:

Like yours did Gina. :heart:


It matters to me, I feel my effort has been appreciated whenever a client leaves a good review and make sure to do even better for them the next time. Good, descriptive reviews - such as the ones you give - always motivate me.[Speaking of which I am doing your order this Friday :slight_smile: ]


It does make me really happy when someone takes the time to write something more than just “Outstanding Experience!” and even comments on what, specifically, I did well or the type of work (if, for example, I edited an entire novel).

In fact, I kind of wish we were allowed to have a “pinned” review.


I just happened to see this again on my tip gig and was feeling so happy again that there is such a wonderful person on fiverr who appreciates me:


Would I leave a tip, if she wasn’t incredibly talented, gifted and just an awesome person all around? Thank you, Miss Crystal for being so passionate about your craft and for taking such great care of me.

It means a lot to see a message like this. Thank you so much Miss Gina.


I got this review today and it absolutely makes a difference:

Hands down the best writer I have worked with on here. Worth every single penny and would highly recommend to anyone to order this gig as you will receive high quality work as well as a writer who will put in more effort than 99% of others. I am thoroughly impressed with the experience and can’t wait to work on our future project together.

I think this makes a difference that just a 5-star rating.


I’m happy to receive any basic five star rating, “outstanding experience” or otherwise, but I absolutely love and appreciate it when a buyer goes out of his/her way to write a detailed review of their experience. Helps prospective clients make a decision, and really makes me feel good knowing how I was able to create a pleasant experience for them.


I believe my reviews have helped me a ton in progressing as much as i have here on Fiverr. As a seller going above & beyond, literally, will result in buyers going out of their way to leave a great and DETAILED review… and that can never hurt!


Just read your post. Exactly what i said. Completely Agree!


As everyone said already, they absolutely matter to the seller, and they help other buyers making decisions (imagine you only ever saw “good job” or “fast delivery” on every seller’s gigs), so they matter doubly.
I´d say maybe even triply, as a seller who feels their work is appreciated may feel inclined to favour an appreciative buyer’s inquiries over such of an unappreciative one (as we all know, some even leave no review at all even if we know they got just the same great quality job as a buyer who does) in case they can´t accept both requests. So, they potentially matter to seller, other buyers and buyer who leaves them - 3-in-1! :wink:

It may be time-consuming though, for people who order much, and I don´t have any bad feelings towards buyers who I know do and I wouldn´t expect elaborate and long reviews every time either, but I appreciate it a lot if the review isn´t exactly the same every time. There´s only so much a seller can say in their thank you for the review text too, but I take a bit of time for that as well, and not just copy-paste some text or write the exact same every time.

A short text totally works, though, and “good job” or “fast delivery” is much better than no review too, after all. :slight_smile:


in my opinion the new buyers always check reviews :slight_smile: but the old buyers who purchase regularly!

they just care about is great work so they always do try new sellers and new talent :slight_smile:


A thoughtful review is a gift. Aside from the ego boost and potential to attract new buyers, it lets sellers know what we’re doing right, and that’s invaluable. This is true even for reviews that accompany less than 5 :star:s. A “bad” (non-malicious) review that explains what the problem was would be appreciated too (although I’m grateful I haven’t had that issue, haha) because it lets the seller know what needs to be improved. But. like any gift, while appreciated, it isn’t an obligation!



I’m sorry but I don’t understand what you are trying to say??


For me, it’s all about customer satisfaction. The review shows they are happy. I don’t prompt or chase for reviews, because I figure if they want to review, they just will.


i look at reviews and if they have a lot of bad ones or lots of “didn’t complete on time” then i def stay away


Detailed reviews matter.

I received this one recently:

Jovanibrown is the best proofreader and editor I have found online. He responds to messages quickly and makes sure you are happy with the end result. I highly recommend Jovanibrown for any type of writing or proofreading you need.

That’s not even my best one (in my opinion).


I am very happy to receive detailed reviews. I think they help a lot so other buyers decide to choose you.
I received this one yesterday:

Simply one of the most amazing experience I had with a seller on Fiverr ! Diana delivered some amazing High Quality Work so quickly ! She knows exactly how to nail the perfect translation according to your requirements and she even go beyond your expectations. Thank you so much for your collaboration. I will be coming back soon !

And after this one… I received another one, from a repeat buyer of mine, she has purchased several times but only left 1 review… “good job :)” and gave me 4.4… so frustating… she is not replying to my messages… I need to know why!!!