Do Seller Get Paid Upfront, I paid but got nothing


I ordered a package on fiverr, however, it seemed the seller was paid and the work was not delivered because I logged into Fiverr went to messages and saw where it says Order complete and nothing at all was provided. Can you explain how this work and what I can do about this? The seller is not responded to messages, she was paid and no work done. I am new to Fiverr, I am wondering if I released the payment without knowing or if it is a case where once I place the order they are paid upfront.



Hello, no, you, as the Buyer, pay Fiverr and they keep the money ‘in escrow’, it is only released to the seller once you completed the order, or it got auto-completed (you have 3 days until that happens after the seller delivered) + 7 (for Top Rated Sellers) / + 14 days (all other sellers) after that.

If you haven´t seen this page yet, you can find a lot of useful info there, if you choose the relevant topics from the side menu, FAQ for buyers on all kinds of things. :slight_smile:

If there is a problem you can´t figure out yourself, or like now, the order already auto-completed and the seller is unresponsive, you can always contact Customer Support.