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Do Seller\'s Get Paid From Affiliate/referral links?

I couldn’t find an answer to this. I know when someone clicks on my affiliate link they get a free Gig. Does the seller get paid from that gig? I assume so, but haven’t found an answer to this anywhere so far.


No the seller does not get paid, assuming you mean fiverr affiliate links.

Thanks for the reply. Do you have a resource for your answer? I find it hard to accept that if someone orders your gig for free from an affiliate link that’s not yours (but from another seller/user) that you are obligated to perform the gig for free. And yes I mean Fiverr affiliate links.

You get paid when someone buys your gig. You do not get a commission from the affiliate link. The affiliate gets that.

If someone arrives at your gig and buys it from an affiliate link of course you get paid like always for your work.

Thank you again. But, I’ve seen there is a promotion that when you share your link with a friend, they get their first gig FREE, so does Fiverr pay the seller of the gig that the person has chosen as their free gig?
In this case, the affiliate gets nothing until the friend buys $10 worth of gigs.

The seller gets paid, just like normal for the gig, there’s no big deal, nothing special about it. The buyer simply gets $5 to spend. That’s it. And yes, before the person gets $5 also they have to buy $10 worth of gigs. All these things would be in the terms and conditions of the page. Which are there and pretty clear “When you invite your friends they get a free Gig. You’ll get $5 when they spend $10.” Underneath that it shows the invites sent and whether they’ve joined etc.

thanks for the reply.

Thanks for the reply. I understand all the terms and conditions, just wanted to confirm that the seller of the free gig (not the affiliate) gets paid for their service that the buyer chooses for free. The terms and conditions page states nothing about the seller of the gig you choose, only the referrer and referral.
Thanks again.

No, we don’t have to give our gig away for free :slight_smile:

Thanks again. That pretty much sums it up for me. Again, thanks for taking the time to answer my question.

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