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Do Sellers get "Dinged" by Fiverr if they cancel an order?

Hi, one of my gigs offers product promotion on my personal blog. But, if someone purchases a gig that I cannot morally promote (for example, if they want me to promote gambling or sex or something I don’t agree with), I’d like to be able to refund the money and turn down the gig. I’m wondering if I, as a seller, will get my rating dropped or will get disciplined or “dinged” in some way for canceling gigs I don’t want to take by Fiverr.

Would really appreciate any feedback! Thanks!

Yes, sellers get punished for cancelling an order. Not necessarily a negative feedback if you offer a mutual cancellation. However, every cancellation will affect you and may have an impact on your level.

Do the powers that be read the Suggestion Box? Maybe initiate a petition? Or go big and start one at change dot org :wink:

Reply to @madmoo:

I feel the same way. I’ve had to mutually cancel orders in the past due to the buyer asking for things that I don’t offer, etc.

I was negatively affected by it because my cancellations were a high percentage.

Fiverr really needs to start listening to sellers!

I had to cancel too, and I still feel terrible about it; I had no choice! The buyer was unwilling to fund the book that cost $6 in Canada, yet free in the US! I even pleaded with Amazon, to no avail! I didn’t want to cancel but had no choice! Would anyone else have purchased the book at a loss for the gig?

@jencarroll To try to avoid the need to cancel orders, be sure to be very clear in your gig description about what topics you will or will not promote. Not everyone reads all the details, but hopefully some of them will.

jencarroll said: will get my rating dropped or will get disciplined or "dinged" in some way for canceling gigs I don't want to take by Fiverr.

Yes! And you will also get dinged for the opposite; when a Buyer decides to cancel an order through no fault of your own.
madmoo said: What I want to know, is WHEN will Fiverr start to listen to this, the most asked about, most discussed and most hated topic - the subject of cancellations over which we have no control?