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Do sellers have any protections when there’s a dispute?!


Long story short, I completed a gig that I worked very hard on for a few hours and delivered way before the due date. The buyer was very receptive and appreciative even mentioned how great it was. She had a few questions basically how to read certain graphs (this was a SEO Report) so I gladly took the time to answer questions but it was late into the night so she went to bed. I told her I would answer more questions the following morning. As we started talking she told she really didn’t need the info anymore because her conference/meeting was over. So she sends me a cancellation request stating she didn’t receive what she ordered but she clearly did. You can even see in our conversations about the conference and how she doesn’t need the reports anymore. Fiverr stepped in immediately and gave her all the money back, she keeps all my work, I lose money, and my account gets dinged with a cancelled Gig. I feel sellers on Fiverr have the least amount of support and are fate is in the palm of their hands (support and buyers) where we have no representation or given the benefit of the doubt. So I guess it’s acceptable that if you want to buy a gig just order it, say you didn’t receive what you asked for and you get a free gig. Because that’s what happened (I’m obviously not condoning this behavior) Well I’ve gone on long enough, but not crying over spilled milk what’s done is done, I just want a level and fair playing field. Thoughts?


Nothing can be done to a cancelled order. However, its weird that you said that Fiverr stepped immediately. Fiverr takes its own time to review the order and requirement including delivery. Immediate action is really weird. The only bug/loophole I found in here is that you haven’t reached the support and let them hear your views with proof. If the buyer has raised the dispute then you should reached the support too. However, Fiverr cannot force a buyer to accept the delivery. So, work accordingly.

Good Luck!!


I left that part out, I contacted support but still waiting with no answer yet :face_with_monocle:


Let us know, I really hope that it was a charge back and not fiverr support cancelling the order…

Not that it would change the situation but at least would make us believe more in fiverr support team.
Just few days ago we saw a case here on the forum that fiverr refunded half a price to a seller after cancelling the order.


This is a huge big big deal going on! I am dealing with the exact same thing!! I have been working on this site for a few years now, I love the community the growth, the opportunities so amazing. This is the one part I really don’t know how to handle. Realistically we know that we are being played out of free work, that is how I feel, but we want to make sure the customer is satisfied. I feel as a seller community, we actually need to stick together and take a low rating if needed so we can leave honest feedback on our interactions with the buyers. Word of mouth spreads and the whole system can collapse. It hurts our business if people feel they can do this over and over again. It’s happened to be a few times unfortunately


Thanks for your reply, wow I guess there is some hope in support. How easy is that for a random buyer just to go around buying gigs and then opening a dispute, they can just make another fake account and keep collecting free gigs kind of scary.


Ahh so you definitely know the feeling! What’s disappointing at the same time is I built a really nice working relationship for this person and they just went quiet. Let down big time.


Yes! Trust I know the feeling and I have been there! I am just not sure the best move. And you never know if buyers are being sincere or have a different agenda to finesse the system. I guess we will all have to find the best way to handle it. You’re not alone at all though!


Appreciate that! We just have to move on and hope for the best!


i have no idea about what you sell , but i think you should find a way to show your clients the final work before handing it over ! this way , if they say "yes perfect " you can send them all the files and you have a written proof of their 100% consent in case they decide to cancel . if not , they won’t have access to any files , and you won’t feel like you have been taken advantage of .


That’s something to think about, might be a little hard but I like where your head is at! Thanks :slight_smile:


I know peoples lost more than $500 in this way, Fiverr supports buyer no matter what.


Ouch, that must of hurt :disappointed:


AS a new seller, this sounds really scary. Hope I don’t have to come across something like this. But I gues we all can just hope for the best.


Yeah, it’s when you least expect it! Good luck!