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Do Sellers use tricks for getting GIG Favourites or they ask buyers to add in Fav

Thanks for the input! There’s never enough marketing you could do, right? That’s more than half the job of an entrepreneur! :crazy_face:

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Every Day you will learn new things
As i started fiverr few years ago but in the first year i just made only $400 in the whole year

Some time i realize i waste my time on fiverr
But then there are alot of peoples from my city who are making good revenue on fiverr
then i decide to do more research about fiverr and also about my gigs and then i heard about I learned photoshop + illustrator And a basic of After effects
And then started again on fiverr Now it’s working good

The main thing is time and quality work and the communication with buyer

There is no trick nothing at all

Keep Learning new things And Try to aviod cancel the orders it put some negative impact on your gigs ranking

Never Give Up!


Favorites are just like bookmark i have Favorited alot of gigs
when i open homepage “” Gigs You’ve Added To Your Favorites “” section was on the top

So it’s means when the buyer relogin and use
then fiverr put the gigs on the top in the section of “” Gigs You’ve Added To Your Favorites “” and shuffled them :slight_smile:
So don’t worry about it :wink:

Some buyers do not like to bookmark gigs they just place order and get their work done! and close tab :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes right.

Why I asked this I have almost just 2 cancels in 3 month 46 reviews on gig that was on page 1 now it got to page 5 and no sales coming so confused what I did wrong it got down.

I also think there is no chance it will come up again on page 1

You can be on first page agian

it 4 months ago i have my gig on 2nd row of 2nd page
but due to some personal issues and get some orders cancelled with negative reivews and then i checked my gig it was on 9th page
and then i work hard again on it now it comes in top 3 pages from 9 to top 3 pages again :slight_smile: i will be on first page Insha Allah

So I will suggest you NEVER GIVE UP :slight_smile: Brother :slight_smile:


You too bro.

Will surely try to get most orders on that gig. What bout updating tags did you keep them same and just worked more or you changed tags time to time.


I don’t like to changed tags or edit gigs if it works good and seller get orders daily or weekly
but i try to create new gigs with new tags for testing purpose :slight_smile:
i will suggest you to create new gig for testing purpose with different tags


Thanks for advice I will surely try to apply same

You’re Most Welcome Buddy :wink:
Good luck!

Great advice! It’s so encouraging to hear that successful people also had a rocky beginning. It’s nice to hear you can make it out of that initial slump and get the ball rolling on gigs and income!


Thank You So Much :slight_smile:

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Don’t give up, Chris!

(1) Keep doing the BRs, every day, take a look first and last thing when you start/finish work
(2) Reach out to related giggers who could be potential joint venture partners who could work with you/refer to you. I don’t know your industry, but I am in voiceover, and I reach out occasionally to content creators and introduce myself, invite them to listen to my demo and send them an MP3 they can forward to their clients if the client is looking through a library of voices for their video. I’ve made a point not to be a spammer, keep the message short and sweet, and it has been well-received so far.
(3) Be patient. Fiverr wants to see that you’re committed to their buyers and giving good customer service. They want to see you online, engaged and connecting with others, like you are doing right now. The traffic will come.

Don’t give up! You can do it!


Thank you so very much for this genuine and helpful advice! I really appreciate it. I don’t take it lightly!

I have heard people mention “join ventures” before and I never really knew what that meant. So basically the idea is that, say, you reach out to a video producer and they refer you for voice over while you refer them for video making? Do I have that right? I too am in the voiceover industry!

Thank you again for your advice and help!

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Yes, that’s basically the gist of it. It’s useful for them to know they have you (and probably a small other group of reliable talent) available ‘on retainer’ to help them out quickly with a project.

PS: It took me two weeks after posting my first gig to get work. I also noticed that when I edit my gig, I get bumped down in search for a few days and get no jobs. So avoid constantly tweaking your gig several times a day, and then let Fiverr slowly bring traffic your way. You WILL get on page one rotation.