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Do social gig views improve rankings?

Lets say that I post a link to my gig on Twitter and it gets 1000 clicks. Would this increase the rankings of my gig in the Fiverr search results? Even if nobody buys something?


From reading other posts I think it can give your overall statistics a boost. Question is how are you going to get 1000 clicks from twitter :slight_smile:

Twitter was just an example, Facebook, YT, Pinterest, etc. are also possibilities.

Truth is, nobody knows the exact criteria Fiverr uses to rank Gigs. Everybody has their own opinion, based on their own experiences, but it’s important to keep in mind that correlation doesn’t equal causation.

My personal opinion is that Fiverr respects conversion rate, at least to some degree. I believe this is the case because it makes logical sense. If Fiverr gives more exposure, on average, to better converting Gigs, that’ll equal more money for the company.

I wouldn’t want lots of low quality traffic coming to my Gig, as it’d be a waste of time for me to set up, and it would harm my conversion stats.


No it doesn’t work that way. There may be a trend, but you only know that once you analyze the data and even then that doesn’t mean a correlation with conversions. And Fiverr analytics aren’t complex enough to assess that.

There is no universal rule: x amount of clicks = x amount of sales. It depends on many factors and is specific to each incidence.

If you want to assess performance of social media posts, this is not the way to do it.