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Do social media marketing but not getting any single order

Hope all of you
i am doing so many marketing or post on social media like twitter / facebook / instagram but i am not getting any single order.

please help me to find out my lackness .

thanks in advance


Please, annex all “Linked Accounts” to your Fiverr account. Every day you can send total 10 buyer requests from your account. Try to stay online 24 hours. Share your gigs on Social Media like Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn etc. At last, I would like to say, Be patient. Success must come if you work hard. Good Luck! :slightly_smiling_face:

From Dhaka, Bangladesh

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Bro… i always share my gig on social media :tired_face:


Don’t you send Buyer Requests?

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yes i always send buyer request


OK. Good. You can earn more orders by marketing and promoting your gigs. There are no hidden tricks for getting order. Be patient and Try heart and soul.

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I am sorry to say but in case you are sending generic social media messages and buyer requests, it is not gonna help. You need to do it effectively.

What makes you think “always sharing” your gig on social media has to get you an order? What if your target clients are not on social media? You need to identify different platforms where you can find them and let them know of your services. You could even do real-life marketing if that is more effective in your particular case. Also, FYI, remember, you need to be very professional in your approach. Pleading/requesting your prospective clients to place an order with you doesn’t help at all.

The same goes with buyer requests too. “Always sending” generic, copy-paste buyer request offers every day is not going to help either. You need to make sure that every buyer request offer you send is custom-made/tailored to that specific buyer request and that it impresses your customers into hiring you.

Here’s a post that can help you with writing better BR offers-

very nice great advice thanks

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