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Do some buyers hate to hire companies on freelancing platforms?

I’d like to know what you guys think about the hiring attitude of buyers when a company applies for a project. Many companies have expressed in conferences that some buyers tend to avoid companies on freelancing platforms like Fiverr. I’d like to know what could be the possible reasons behind this attitude.

There are both A and B type of peoples. You cannot expect both the types to like freelancing platforms.

I think buyers are more comfortable with the individuals ones as they can interact with them in a way they want.

You misunderstood the question.

I agree that people want to hire individuals.

You know, not all people understand how it works. Not every buyer understands who makes a project for him. He just have money to say “goodbye” to it and that’s all. He just really don’t care much about how his project will be made. He craves final result for his money.

I prefer to choose freelancer when it is a freelancer flatform. Sometimes it is nicer to work with a person than a company

Good question…May be the company applies so many T&C for any particular project and the individual is flexible for the things they offer…